Need assistance badly

I’m fairly new Empires and loving every minute of play. What color groups should I be using to fight in the seasons, and for defense.

. These are my best heros for now.

Welcome to E&P!

There’s a list of resources here to help with various questions that you might have… that said, since I built up about 200 or so of its pages, I’m rather partial to the wiki. :grin: There’s also a ton of stuff here on the forums. The Player Guides section is well worth a glance through if you find yourself with a little time to burn some day.

As for your current team… lookin’ good! You’ve got a great intuition! Layla and Needler are great 2* snipers, Bane is definitely your beefiest hero and well deserving of the tank position, and Sharan is pretty squishy and definitely should be out there on the edge.

A good general rule is to have someone with high defense and health in the middle, your supporting peoples on their flanks, and to have fast mana snipers on the edges. That’s for your defense team, though… for your raid offense teams you’ll want to customize your squad to counter the heroes that your enemy has in THEIR defense team. It’ll be a little while until you have enough heroes to effectively do this - it requires that you have a little bit of a bench first.

For the map, your team is golden. Keep an eye out for Olaf or Hou in the short term… they both give your entire team a whopping +63% defense when fully leveled. Sha Ji is also a great upgrade from Sharan. Sha Ji + Olaf was a great combo to run with.

The Teams page of the wiki has some solid basic info about team composition if you’re itching for a little more in depth analysis. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the info. So what is a farming team and what is it used for??? Should I be mixing colors when leveling??? Is it a rule of thumb to keep a rainbow team or is it ok to have multiple colors on one team??? How can I find out about all the heros backgrounds

A farming team is the team you use to play the map levels or “farm” for items. The best level to get recruits to train feeders to level your heroes is 8-7. Because you are just starting out don’t worry too much about how far you can progress on the map. Once you get to a level that is too difficult for your current heroes go back to an earlier level (8-7 if possible) and use your energy there until you level up your heroes some more. I would usually wait at least a week before I attempted a stage I couldn’t beat.

As for leveling. You will eventually outgrow your 2 stars in favor of the 3 stars. Then your 3 stars will be replaced by 4 stars and so on. For now feed each of your heroes with feeders that match their color. Feeding matching color gives a 20% boost in xp per feeder.

Work on increasing your iron storage so that you can level your stronghold and training camps. Once you get to TC13 you can start trainings that give a chance of 4 star heroes.

Hope this helps. Good luck on your journey! This game takes a lot of patience. You appear to be on the right track so far. :blush:


Besides all the helpful player’s guides here on the forum, your best resource will come from joining a great alliance.

Check the recruitiment thread to look for training alliances. Or create your own ad describing yourself, ie active, casual, and what you would like in an alliance, friendly, chatty, etc.

Good luck and enjoy your game. Ignore all the negative comments you may read. We all enjoyed the game at some point (and most of us still do). And, nothing compares to the feeling of getting your first 4 and 5 star heroes :grin:


Thank you for your insight. I’m noticing that patience is definitely needed. I’ve been trying to level up my farms but i will start focusing more on my iron.

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I can’t wait to get my first 4* or 5*. However I love my starting 5 and it’s going to hurt to bench them​:disappointed::disappointed::disappointed:


They will see action in the wars. Dont worry, you’ll quickly get attached to your new heroes!


I’d recommend rainbow (1 of each color) for defense and groups of strong colors (2 or 3) against the bosses and/or the centered hero (tank position).

Later on yo can try stacking 2/3, 3/1/1, 4/1 or (what I prefer) 2/2/1. All this will depend on your collection of heroes.

Hold on, try and grind hard :slightly_smiling_face:


Ok thanks Olmar. I’ve definitely learned a lot tonight. Now it’s just remaining patient and building.

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Should I keep Karil in my top 5 or should I put Gunnar back in???

I meant to say Karol.


See how far you do with a fully offensive team… then see if Gunnar helps you more (or not). It’s actually really fun to create a hypothesis and test it out in this game. :slight_smile:


They will both be useful to you until you start to get some 4 star replacements. Gunnar is great at keeping you alive longer by spreading out the damage you receive. Also if you are going against a red hero in the tank position or a level with mostly red bosses you can bring both and take out your green hero which is weak against red. Just keep in mind the color you don’t bring will only do 1 point per tile of damage. While your blue tiles will do extra damage because it will combine the attack stats of Karil and Gunner. :blush:

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I’ve actually been testing your theory. Still not sure. I guess I’ll just have to rotate

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Where can I find out what color groups not to put up against other color groups and which ones are good to put up against other color groups

The Battle page of the wiki has the elemental weaknesses on it. You can also access that info by clicking the element-icon in the upper-lefthand corner when you’re in battle in game.


If you have not read the wiki, completely, do it now. Second, read the google doc titled “loots and stats”. Now, you are better prepared.

IMHO, you should not be worried about a defense team. Cups are meaningless at the lower levels. The resources in your tower are not in danger IF you remember to always clean the tower before exiting the game. ALWAYS

It was mentioned 8-7 is best place to farm. The loots doc will give you a look at why. If you are not yet able to auto-play that level (look it up), try 3-2 or 3-3.


Thanks for all of help. I’m really enjoy playing (even on my lunch breaks). Just trying to get a good grasp of the best game I’ve played on the phone

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