Mushashi or Vivica

I see in the top teams both mushashi and vivica a lot and now i have a dilemma because i have both but only (almost) have the materials to upgrade only one.

Any thoughts on who to upgrade first? I know they both have their upsides and downsides but would like to hear your opinions on this.

As for my team, i don’t have a full 5* team. I use the below team:
Purple = thoth-amun or tibertus
Green = cabin boy peters
Yellow = wu kong
Blue = kiril
Red = gormek

Really would like to hear your opinion!

I’d you don’t have that many healers you can go for Vivica or same for the other one, If not that many attackers, then Musashi, but in my opinion you won’t go wrong with either one.

At the moment Musashi would be the better choice. With Kiril you have already a healer, that boosts you defense like Vivi (and he also boosts your attack). So a fast attacker like Musashi would be great to do high damage.

Of course Vivi heals more than Kiril, but then you would need another blue one (if you didn’t want to use two healers). Furthermore you would barely have a strong attacker.

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I find Vivica much more useful then Musashi for players that has not “so many choices”, and i really like “unique” heroes.
Her heal and shield may save the day both in raids/quests/events.

Musashi is more for top players (especially who has Ares) because his auto-heal may help not place him near the red tank, hit stronger and has huge att. stats.

True is that you already have Kiril (who is a great hero for healing), so you actually need more dps then cure.

Maybe i’ll go for Vivica right now, hoping that by the time i have more choices i may ascend even Musashi.

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I’d do Viv if you’re taking a long view - she’s only of only a few heroes that has cleanse (takes debuffs and DOT off your team) and her massive defensive buff is devastating for the other team if not dispelled. That’s on top of the heal. Plus a 714 attack stat is nothing to sneeze at.

Musa’s good, no doubt, but there are many other fast attacking 5* heroes that are better than Musa (I’d run Joon and Viv attacking on raids before doing anything with Musa. Same for maps/quests).

It’s a win/win, but I would choose Viv as it’s easier to get fast attackers elsewhere than it is to get what Viv brings to the table


Are we talking about 2nd or 3rd ascension?

Generally I think Vivica is better than Musahi.

It also depends what else you have on the team. Ares and Alberich are popular. With those two, adding Vivica is healing overload IMO. With his self-heal, Musashi is an obvious choice to live outside of Ares’s HP regen. Something like:

Thoth / Alberich / Ares / Magni / Musashi

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Musa isn’t scary without Ares buffing him on defense.

I ascended Musa personally and don’t have Joon, but Vivi is still level 1… as someone correctly stated Alby is currently in all my attacking lineups and carrying two slow heroes on attack is begging for board trouble regardless of what fancy mana troops people have.

Viv on defense is a bit meh; that said, Alliance wars or new titans might push Vivica higher than Musa as Musa really doesn’t bring anything unique to the party… Joon > Musa and I don’t think anyone really would argue that one, but as stated I don’t have Joon.

@Revelate why dont you use Joon again?


I figured being a little salty was apropos for this forum as of late? :slight_smile:

Repeating myself for effect? :slight_smile:

Nah, just wasn’t paying attention haha.

The feedback is much appreciated!!
I don’t have a lot of 5* heroes yet so don’t have the luxery of ares or alberich :slight_smile:

With my current deck and upcoming alliance wars i think Vivica might be the best choice.

Same reason Zero doesn’t use Hel. :sunglasses:


and you dont use Athena

Yup. waiting for whatever plan devs have to rerelease.

but it’s not as much fun to rib the guy who only has 3 80s about not having athena than it is to rib you about Hel.

I personally leveled Musashi and like him a lot. He is fast and a hard hitter and I kind of like the self healing too😊
For my team Viv would be too much healing and you may have better use for Musashis skills now, considering the heroes you have. It depends on your priorities both now and in the long run.

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I just fought Mushashi 4 the first time and he took out my whole team in a raid in 3 turns. He wasn’t even loaded all the way up. Wow!!! I’d like to have him

i would ascend vivica…Vivica is a very solid healer.

Vivica, there’s a few 5* healers out there

Folks, you necro’d an 18 month old thread. lol. I don’t even play anymore. It was so long ago I only had 3x80 (I had 31x80 when i stopped).