2 Wu Kongs — ever a reason for more than one?

Would there ever be a reason to have 2 Wu Kongs? I have one leveled up and he’s a big help. I pulled another at the summon gate and was wondering if and when having 2 Wus would be helpful?

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There’s no reason to ever use more than one at the same time, since their attack buffs won’t stack.

But lots of people like using Wu Kong in War, especially as a (slightly risky) way to tackle a bigger team. So having more than one can be useful for multiple hits.

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Wars. I play a tile damage game still and use Wu with great effect in 2-2-Wu stacks

If I manage to pull another wu, he will go to min 3/60 due to usefulness in wars for sure.

Wu Kong was one of my early 4* and as such, he got leveled up early. I think the only Yellow I had before him was Chao, and common wisdom was to prioritize Wu Kong. I have no regrets in doing so.

I have a second Wu Kong now, and I delayed leveling him up only because I got Guardian Jackal in the meantime. Wu Kong has a nice high attack stat, and against Titans, having two of him means that I can have his buff up almost constantly. Well worth it.

Of course, I don’t have a 5* Yellow yet, so my choices of things to work on instead of Wu Kong #2 would be either Li Xiu or Hu Tao. I’ll be leveling those at some point… AFTER my second W.K. :slight_smile:


I personally only kept one Wu. But that’s because my roster is deep enough that i only need the one. I don’t care to use him very much in wars personally. Mine really only sees titan fights. But if i needed him to fill in a hero spot for wars i would have kept more

I would personally level a Li Xiu before a second war. Her cut all mana slice has been invaluable in wars for me.

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Thanks for all the advice, I have a Li Xiu that I have been leveling. I’m pretty new to the game (2 months), though I’ve been pretty obsessive in that time:) When I finish Li, I’ll start on Wu. That is, unless something better comes along.

Wu Kong and Wu Kong ( together they fight crime)

Depends on your roster.

Before I got Jackal and Joon, I would color stack a Wu Kong 4* 4.70 and a 4* 3.60. His attack stat is good for a yellow 4* ( most important stat when color stacking) and two made it cheaper in mana items to keep Gambler’s Stance running for the whole battle.

War attack

I use him less for war since they nerfed Revenge bar and added two other War Rules.

But once again, what other yellows do you have?


With Chao being a Ranger and Hu Tao being a fighter, I might not have leveled a second Wu Kong to 4* 3.60, but now I have Ranger Tiburtus and Fighter Boldtusk so a second Wu Kong at 4* 3.60 makes sense for my roster.

What is in your roster?

1* / 2* ascension items

4* 3.60 are very powerful, only require 1* / 2* farmable ascension items, and 24% of the hero XP of a 5* 4.80 . While color stacking is the hidden buff of Empires.

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