🕵 Morel – S4 Hero – 5* Ice/ Blue: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

Morel looks alright. A slightly less swingy Frigg in blue. By which I mean Frigg can hit and hurt more…or less…

Morel is preset in what she does but it’s probably middle of the road for Frigg.

Doesn’t jump out at me as being OP anyways.

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Wow, nice pulls!

I was actually thinking about what I’d do if I had those two earlier. My first thought was Morel’s more powerful, but Russula’s more fun. Russ is one of my very favorites because she’s very cleverly made, she does sneaky stuff I’ve never seen before, and I like complex abilities.

But you should probably disregard my claim that Morel’s more powerful, because I evidently don’t know what I’m taking about. :joy:

P.S. I really enjoyed playing with Russula in Beta! I don’t remember whether the balance changed since I last tested her, but when she gets emblems and her damage goes up… Ooh, there’s some nice shanking going on

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Was just reminded of Vela. Both are fast and hit all but Vela dealing subpar special at 130% (vs Morel’s 180%) but she has 162 water damage, debuffs enemy attack, and has 10% crit chance as Element Link.

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Rogue talent on Frigg is indeed super annoying, but it made me figure out a nice counterpick against her - the DoTs. She has no way to deal with those. My play is Gravemaker - Clarissa - Vela. Adding Uraeus over that is also quite fun if there are minions in play (I guess Rana couls do that job well too). They are fast enough to be reliable in fast paced Frigg games, and she just burns down regardless of her ability to dodge the direct hit. Add double formation there that makes hit-3 a hit-5 and Frigg based defense becomes soft butter.

Not mush-room for Morel in my roster! (Sorry, I’ll get my coat). He does sound like a Fun Guy though!


I think you are pretty spot on! My thoughts exactly on both your post.

Will def. down be stacked with other def. down? E.g. Athena or Bobo

Happy gaming

It will stack with elemental defense down but not regular defense down I believe.

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Um, easy choice: Morel!!!

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You are correct.
There is a pic in the beta original thread, I posted with limit breakers and +20 pretty strong.
@Guvnor ok to share that pic here?

A spit in face for Isarnia users but I think Hannah will be way more annoying with those fiends at fast speed. Do S4 heroes really needed to have almost 750~800 ATK and DEF & 1450~1500 HP tho? Jesus.

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I don’t think so unfortunately… But can describe it :slight_smile:

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Yes that’s exactly what I do as well, and now that I’ve maxed Emilio, I pair him with Gravey to burn down the whole forest team as long as they don’t have any cleansers or healers. Works like a charm as long as I get my red tiles

Planned to do Glenda next but this girl showed up. I have Vela so those two together will make a nice combo in blue stack.


That’s a man baby!!!


Was working on Bobo, now I’m not sure.

There was a contention about that, but since the hero is referred as Eloi Hunter, you’re most likely right. Oh and:


Does anyone else totally suspect Morel is most definitely…

A MALE?!?!

(Or is it just me)

I figured he was the Yin to Lepiota’s Yang

(Akin Akkorog + Garjammal)

Cuz I mean… They look so cute together :heart_eyes:

I so badly want em both just to pair em together :sweat_smile:
(But, alas, I have neither)

Instead, I get the fugly couple, woohoo :green_heart::blue_heart:


…so hawt :joy::sweat_smile:


A lil reading in this thread tells me I’m not the only one! Phew, alright, that’s what I thought :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Devs already confirmed that what Morel’s gender is…

I’m like 90% certain that’s not the devs who confirmed it, and just an assumption made; it’s anyone’s guess based on photo and description alone

Imo, totally looks like a male Gremlin [thing] to me (especially compared to Lepiota)

Ahh, brings me back to when Skittleskull’s gender was up for debate :joy: Anyone remember that?! :sweat_smile: