Mixed Nuts -Deluxe- Now Open to New Recruits!

Looking for some new friends to join our little house of Nuts!

Mixed Nuts - Deluxe is full of friendly, active players, and we’re looking for more people to play with! We’ve been growing quickly, and need some new recruits to help us smash these 9*s that started showing up. :grin:

We expect players to hit the Titan daily, read the alliance banner when they log in, and generally try to improve their team. A willingness to be on Line would be much appreciated. Grinders welcome, and we absolutely understand about Life, just let us know you’ll be offline so we’re not expecting your hits. There will also be opportunities to merc for those that wish to do so.

The alliance has a core of veteran E&P players. As well, this is the sister alliance to Mixed Nuts -Extra Spicy. So there’s some big talent in our Line chats to offer advice. It would be a great springboard if you would like to grow into a player that would qualify as an Extra Spicy alliance member.

Ideally, we’re looking for players with 1400+ cups, but might consider others if they’re highly motivated. If interested in joining us please search ‘nuts’ from the alliance button at the bottom of your game screen, or reply here (especially if you don’t meet the cups requirement).

*** We’d also love heavy hitting players that aren’t quite ready to be full time Extra Spicy Nuts. There will be opportunities to sub in for the regulars there as Life intereferes. ***

I hope we’ll see you soon!


Hello, I am interested in joining. I have only been playing for about a month now. However, I am at 1800-2000 cups and 3000 team power already. I have Athena and the rest are 4* heroes. Game name is the same as username here.

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At this time we are full! Please feel free to leave a message if you wish to become one of our family of Nuts when we have a future opening. :grinning:


closing this thread, and opening a new one for the whole alliance! We now have alliances for a wide range of player levels, though the basic requirements are the same for all of our main groups.

The new thread is http://tinyurl.com/NutsRecruiting

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