🧙 Milena – 5* Ice / Blue from Tower of Magic

I bought the cheap offers today, got Anastasia and 2 three stars. Then did a single gem pull and got Milena. Guess I’m not pulling any more – luck has been exhausted! (This might bench poor Raffaele, who’s been such a standby of my blue teams, though.)


guys, what do u think is the best emblems path for milena? attack or def?

minus Crystobal, I believe you will get most of these wizards going balanced approach. You probably wont use Milena as tank, so attack path is also viable.

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In rush war, how many tiles to second charge?

ninja and magic heros become slower in rush wars

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Pulled Milena in a single - additional pulls (10) got two 4*s. I’ve used up my luck, and so I am blitzkrieging the levels - will replace Vela and Victor with Milena and Hannah on my top rainbow squad. I think ATK/Health is the path to use. The healing benefits from health more than shielding, but the main goal is to unleash 390% worth of crunchball. Looking forward to this!


9 out of 10 times her special fired will be healing.
So in my opinion, don’t go the sword route, her attack is powerful enough anyway.
Health and shield all the way.

The main issue i have with her on defense is she still fires tier 1 healing even if all your other heroes have backpacks. It’s a fault.
I tried her with prof lidenbrock, heimdall, gullinbusti… They all put backpacks and she still fired her Tier 1 healing.
She may well be dangerous , but she is dumb… Primarily she is a fast healer.
The only time she fires tier 2 is when the opponent has already lost.

How did you try her in defence? Other than finding teams with her in?

I assumed she was like ninjas in that it’s random between charges unless they are at low health then the fire whatever they are on

I used my twin accounts to test her in defence.

It is random. The only thing that could force firing at charge 1 is low health, like the ninjas

Just finished milena. Can’t decide yet which path to emblem her. Shield-heart will be nice cause she will hold enough to fire her second special. But also sword will do a huge amount of damage if fired! Anyone has emblemed her and are you satisfied with the root you took?

I don’t have her but I would choose atk>def>hp path for maxing damaage from second charge

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Second charge is slow. Will she hold enough to fire it? that’s my concern. I see top 100 players who have her in their defence teams, half of them gone shiled path, the other half sword.

IMO she will, I have Azlar with attack path, he have worse defensive stats than Milena and he still fire regulary, at worst she can always keep herself alive with first charge.

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Mine is still only +7, but I’m taking Atk>def>HP.

To me, Milena is a damage dealer, that double as a healer if you are in trouble. You are always pursuing that second charge for the insane damage and that awesome passive. I don’t bring milena to fights to serve as a healer.

This what Iv done so far…

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Did this route.

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Definately attack path, shes a beast.

I have her in my defence for raids for now but just for a bit of a change.

Offence is where she shines, giving a emergency cleanse and heal if needed but smacking the defence around is her thing

What are your final stats with that path?

905-833-1517 with the path I finally choose


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