🍻 [May 22, 2020] Tavern of Legends Event – FAQ & Team Discussion

How to upload 200 heroes without effort?
As working person i cant afford 2 hours of putting them manually there:/

Since SGG doesn’t provide an api, there’s no other way to get em in.

You can speed up the process by an excel sheet, that can be exported and then imported.

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Really, the Devs give you nothing ? That is crap and shame on the developers.

Dam, thats a shame, but thanks for letting me know

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Bosses (recording as I go along):

Stage 1: Natalya with 2 yellow minions

Stage 2: Gravemaker with 2 red minions

Stage 3: Delilah and Alasie (Yikes this is getting hard!)

Stage 4: Zeline and Natalya

Stage 5: Natalya Gravemaker Aeron (getting VERY HARD now with 3*)

Stage 6: Delilah Gravemaker Alasie

Stage 7: Aeron Delilah Natalya (Wu is quite useful lol)

Stage 8: Red and Blue minions

Zeline Gravemaker and Alasie

Stage 9: I think it’s yellow minions (forgot)

Alasie Zeline Aeron

Final stage: Yellow and Blue minions

Aeron Delilah Zeline

Quick summary: I panicked too much, I had too many leftover teams. A lot of stages are doable with weaker teams and items.



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What are the mob colours for each? Not just with the bosses


Think it was mostly yellow, can’t remember. Mobs arent too important to me as I typically rainbow it

mob level 2: red + yellow
mob level 3: red + blue
mob level 4: red only (may be accidental and a second color missing)
mob 5: yellow only (again may be a second color missing)
mob 6: yellow + blue
mob 7: yellow + red
mob 8: red + blue / boss strength 4923 all 3
mob 9: red + yellow / boss strength 5943 all 3
mob 10: yellow + blue / boss strength 6147


I had yellow and blue on stage 1


ok, I deleted mine… did it from memory and had screenshots only from level 2 on

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Stage 1: Boss–Natalya

Used completely and totally unleveled heroes with a TP around 1500 thanks to high 4-star troops.


I completed first two stages with rainbow teams of 3* trainers :wink:

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Can someone advise on why Seshat is in the entry clip…
By the way, do we have the bosses layout yet?

to fire cursed arrow


Stage 2: Boss-Gravemaker

Used totally and completely unleveled 4* heroes. Sacrificed a Potent Mana to Kiril for healing.


Unlevelled heroes got me through level 1 too.

By-Ulf, Squire Chick, Squire Rabbit, Chochin and Hu Tao.

Had to use 3 minor health potions as I didn’t take a healer (none of mine are unlevelled) but no other items.

Will have to tackle the next later today though.

Stage 5 boss:
Natalya, GM, Aeron

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Stage 3: Boss-Delilah & Alasie

Another Rainbow of partially leveled and untouched heroes. One Potent Mana sacrificed to Melendor to buy time to seal the win.

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Level 6 bosses:
Delilah / Gravemaker / Alasie

This was the first level I couldn’t use an unlevelled 5* mono team.

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