[May 22, 2019] 🔵 Trials of Decimation Guide & Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

Boldtusk & Kasshrek

I have both of them and I brought Boldtusk. Should I have brought him? :smirk:

Maybe on the next one. :grin:

Proteus :heart_eyes:

Only troops level.

Barely any effect.

Used items: 8x Healing Potions, 3x Super Healing Potions, 9x Mana Potions:

Waiting for Boldtusk/Hu Tao and Proteus/Kiril to reach 4/70.


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I had one team change from last time. Having just ascended Poseidon last night, he promptly elbowed past my 3.60 Sumitomo and decreed that he was prepared for battle. I delayed starting the final trial to make sure he packed on a few easy levels.

Aside from having to use some minor heals on poor Kiril (STOP PICKING ON ME BECAUSE I’M SHORT) in the opening screen, I made it to the final bosses with everyone ready to go.

I alternated Proteus and Onatel, firing one of them every two rounds, and dropping tiles on them at will. I was able to keep the board moving well enough to keep the debuffs in place, effectively tying their hands. I actually started working on Balthazar first, but the tiles went the other way.

It didn’t take long before Ulmer stood alone. It didn’t take much longer before he fell, as well.

I really liked the additional tile damage having a third holy hero brought to the table. I can’t wait to try this again with a fully leveled Poseidon. I like to think that the slight defense bonus from the Atlantis family helped keep Proteus around, as well.

The fighter emblems will go to Delilah, the wizard emblems to…to…to…the giant pile I have yet to allocate because I fail at making hard decisions. The trainer will wait on my next 5* dark hero (Seshat, perhaps).

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I really enjoyed your fetz!