🍻 [May 2020] Portal Stats, Summon Results & Offers – Tavern of Legends

Not planning to summon with this odds for now …saving gems for new S3 epic heros :slight_smile:


The odds should at least be 2.5% for a past HotM especially if there’s no chance of the current HotM.
SG have made enough enough money from people trying for these old Hotms many times over from when they were available originally to their appearances in Atlantis.
Considering the fact that unlike Valhalla and the new costumes there are no 3 and 4*'s that you may not have already, this portal is almost a total waste.
There’ll be the odd lucky person but this portal is the worst odds for anything decent in the game and a lot of players will already have some of the featured Hotms.
So this is a new feature offering you about a 1% chance of something unique/good.
Yep just use your free coins and move on is best I’d say until they change the odds.
And if the secret hero hasn’t changed from Beta then don’t go chasing it on a 0.1% chance. Clarissa at 1.3% is much more worth it.
I really struggle to understand SG’s reasoning sometimes. There was so much feedback in Beta criticising this summons portal and nothing was changed


Thanks for sharing. Nice artwork, SG! What a pity, we won’t see this hero very often… :cry:

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@Atlantique Congrats on the pull! So it looks like Myztero is a bonus draw then, is that right? That would explain why Clarissa isn’t available in this portal.

Yes, Myztero is the “secret” hero available in the Bonus Draw, as listed in the Appearance Rates.

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In Aus$ it’s even worse. $4.49 for a single offer, $22.99 for “buy all”.

"buy all" is more expensive in Australia than buying single offers

@Petri maybe something to bring to staff’s attention. I don’t think that is best-practice.




I was exited but that looks rather terrible.
There are like 1-2 good HOTM to snipe, like Hel or Ares, but thats about it.(I have Alberich)
The odds are a scam, and we dont even get ascension chests… What??
Jesus, I aint pulling.

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I bought this offer just for fun… As expected, just food. A lot of it, actually. :joy:

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9x3* and 1x4* (chao) for me.
3 Ishtaak, 2 Berden, 2 Karil… :frowning:


The odds are so horrible. I feel sorry for everybody dumping his money in this…


Bought the 5x offer and was expecting to only receive Renfelds and Dawas. So imagine my delight when in addition to my Renfeld and Dawa I also got a Bane, Prisca and Belith! :rofl: Will spend free coins from the quests but definitely not planning to use any gems.


Bought 200 coins. Balthazar and Isshtak. I’m done :joy: I could order a pizza for it.


Bought all the offers, got Myzterio and Margaret.


That’d be the pull of my dreams!

Actually, my dream pulls would be earning 200 coins from the legends quest. Then using those coins to pull Athena and Hel back to back. That’s it. I’ll never pull again. :joy:

Seriously though. Congrats on the extremely lucky summon!


I bought the offers, though will be saving the gems for the guardians. All 3 and 4 star classics from the coins, though on the plus side I now have an unlevelled Hawkmoon and Belith, who I might use on the next level before they get fed.

Congrats on the lucky summons folks! :slight_smile:

I got 5 3* heroes lol

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Bought the offers and some extra gems. Got nothing but food.

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Well at least someone else got lucky…i pulled a bunch hoping :crossed_fingers:and found that it is the best place to get 3* rates :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

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