Matching war tanks

So my alliance is running purple tanks for war. I have black knight with 9 emblems and guin with 5 emblems as my best tank options. My best purple is rigard with 20, Sabina with 20 or Domitia with 1 emblem.

Alliance is easy going, won’t be an issue if I don’t follow (but only a couple don’t). Am I better off using my great tanks, or is the matching tank strategy worth weakening myself?

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You’re better off fielding BK or Guin.

I completely 100% disagree with this and frankly I think it is bad information to have out in the forum.

The point of matching War tanks is to deplete the enemy of the strong color against the tank making it harder to win against the whole alliance as war rages on.

When you have one or two people that don’t follow the plan, they become easy targets. Even with Guin or BK. You have a full alliance of people attacking you that can stack strong against you and get a break from the Dark tanks.

The question isn’t will your defense perform better individually, but will the alliance perform better as a whole.

The advice In the post above is bad and can be easily proven as bad advice.


Plenty of alliances win wars without running same color tanks. No one knows how strong there opponents rosters are when it’s not the top guys. I have seen one team hold off 9 attacks.

It’s not a question of can you win without matching tanks, it’s a question of overall strategy.

If a few people to don’t tanks the whole alliance mind as well not match tanks and just run the best team that they can.

We can all point to fringe cases of a team eating an insane number of flags, that doesn’t prove anything.


@Kerridoc’s post says it all. It is an overall advantage, there are fringe cases, but they are not overall advantageous.


First line says high level alliances. We are just sheep grazing in their fields lol but I know what you are saying. It works but not if people dont have anything good in the chosen color which is a lot more typical in lower alliances


I hear you and you for sure have to be at a certain level to make this work.

I guess I was assuming (maybe wrongfully so), that someone with BK+9, Guin+5, Rigard +20, and Sabina +20 was waring with, at the very least, a mid-range alliance that could support this strategy.

It definitely works for sure but with these emblems things are a little wonky down here. People have built apt of different teams to do well I the raid tournaments simply because that’s all they have to play with so a lot of +20 4 stars running around here. However a few of season 3 heroes and next months HOTM will bring some shine to some forgotten about 4 stars. Its gonna get dicey in the next few months. Be ready see some tempers flaring cause its coming.

LOL, and I think you are wrong for saying I’m wrong. He can put a Rigard, a Sabina, or a Domitia as his tank!!! They are ALL TERRIBLE tanks. You don’t need yellow to easily win against those three. In fact, in a war I would not waste my yellow on those weak tanks anyways. If he puts in Guin or Black Knight I will be using my best purple or best blues all together in one match. Those are A+ grade tanks. He will win more with them. Putting in a weak purple will not benefit his team AT ALL.

How many times do you flip any given enemy in a war. 5? 6?

Here is where logic comes into play.

Assuming it’s a 30v30 war and you are trying to flip the board as often is possible, and for argument sake 27 of the 30 teams have on color tanks and 3 of the 30 have off color tanks, here is what will happen when you go against any opponent that is worth a damn.

Everyone has to (or should) stack against the tank for as many battle as possible. This is simple raid mechanics and i don’t think can really be argued. This happens for the 27 of 30 teams. This depletes many alliances members of the strong color against the standard tank in 1-3 battles. Luckily, you have three teams that held out because they are so special they get to use their own color. These teams are them easily taken down since you have 30 teams that are more or less full of the strong color against these hold out teams.

I’m not guessing here. I have watched this happen in wars. My alliance is fighting relatively high level wars (top 200+) and we all are excited when we see tank holdouts. They are easily farmed since most alliance members have at least one team that is ready to tackle even the most “fearsome” tanks.

And BTW, Rigard+20 with a costume is a totally serviceable tank, and Dom while not ideal still gets the benefit of eating up yellow opponents making the overall battle harder. It’s not about winning a single match, but the whole war. It’s like there is a saying about that…

But whatever. Run your mono tank strategy with a few holdouts. I hope we get to war soon.

  1. He doesn’t have a costumed Rigard. He has a normal Rigard +20.
  2. I maintain that he would eat ZERO yellow heroes from his opponent (assuming they are smart) because his BEST purple tank is Dom. Would you really bring yellow against him? Really?

Maybe you have 18 maxed 5* yellow heroes? Kudos if you and all your teammates do. I know I don’t.

I agree with @Cvs. If leadership calls for a unitank of whatever the leaders have announced (assuming they have done their job of inquiring the members and conducted a referendum), the rest of the team members should follow. In a group, the interest of the alliance prevails over the individual interest, even if that would be to your detriment, regardless of whether you belong to elite alliances or the so-called “sheep grazing”. Otherwise, the group will fall. Imagine a society where none follows the laws, rules and regulations: ANARCHIC. And nobody wants that. Criminals are ought to be caught and punished accordingly, or avoid doing crimes. This goes the same with our little game here. If members doesn’t like the unicolored tank, then he/she better leave in favor of another alliance with similar agenda. Otherwise, he follows the leaders by making the best of what he has, like having Domitia emblemed more and purple crit troops leveled more. She may not be the best purple tank, but her skills may be helpful in reducing damages from holy attacks, not to mentioned she deals damage and dispels enemy buffs. Until you are able to get a better purple hero ideal for tanking. Unless you are able to convince leadership and the rest of the members to employ a different colored tank.

As a co-leader responsible for war in a mid-level alliance (180k) i have monitored exactly this situation. One alliance member runs BK while the rest coordinate purple tanks (rigard and sabina are banned from tank use in war). BK has been outperforming the avg purple in the sense that he is attacked less times per war than comparable tp purple tank teams. Only urs performs as well.

I’m a co for a 260k+ alliance. I have data too.

For low level alliances (200k and down), I’ll buy that it might work, but I don’t think It is a good long term strategy.

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I would ask in the alliance chat what to do.

We voted for holy last week and everybody now has a holy tank, even if it’s Wu or Jackal.

Only two members didn’t change to holy and they have been attacked sooner than those with squishy but matching tanks.

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I most certainly agree. With only 3 3800+ stacks per color i love seeing 2 or 3 uncoordinated tanks. Basically its auto win if we have avg boards at our lvl. So i expected BK to perform poorly. But so far (30 wars or so) he is still being attacked at a below average rate. Of course no one coordinates red tanks (so no focus on blue stacks for war) and lots of alliances at this lvl have more than half of the teams using rainbow attack…so that could be why its been working. Long term i agree it will have to change.

From a statistical standpoint using the same color tanks is definitely the best approach. It may matter a little less at what level your alliances at and if you are fighting organized alliances. But having said that, there’s no question about it that matching tank color is the best approach, AND using a rainbow lineup. If it were me, I would use your best purple in this instance, and start focusing all emblems on the war defense team, and overall the alliance would do better if everyone follows. Having the best “personal” defense on your own team really doesn’t give you any rewards. If you lose the war then so what? it might make you feel good about it but ultimately you only get your war chest quickly if your alliance wins. Winning wars is the key to success. not counting your own individual hits as they hit or fail on your defense team.

Fair thought. I am one of the stronger team members. Could probably fit in a stronger alliance, but enjoy this group snd that I can be casual when needed. Thanks all for the responses. I chose to run purple but it hurts. <200k war score

Your defense team performance has nothing to do with your score at all. Your individual score is based solely (100%) on your attack performance, and is not relevant to defense. Your 6 flags/hits are what contribute to that. If you already know this than please excuse my explanation but just in case…

My alliance member’s names are in blue, and the enemy names are shown in red. As my player’s name appears on the left (blue), the offense score is shown after the name when attacking an enemy team on the field. The target team’s name is shown in red. Only those scores add up to your final individual score. As shown in image 2.

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