🐼 [Master] -- War of 3 Kingdoms GLOBAL BETA -- Discussion & Information Thread

Thank you! I’ll take the criticism. It certainly does not intuitively seem like the odds would be that high. Now I have to try to understand the maths, so I’ll work on that until I do.

First, that wasn’t meant as criticism, just a fact I found interesting.

And for the math I will try to explain it as easy as possible.

We will take a dice with 6 (g=6) numbers on it for this example:
If we throw the dice 2 (n=2) times we will get those possible combinations.

The formula for all combinations is the one from before
m=g^n =6^2= 36.
If you count all possible combinations you will see that the math is correct.

Now for the game we have a dice with 10000 numbers (10000 warbands) and we throw it 60 times (number of players you know).
So m= 10000^60 are all possible combinations you could put the 60 people you know in 10000 warbands.

The second formula is for all different combinations:
u= (g!) / (( g-n)!) = 6! / (6-2)! = (1x2x3x4x5x6) / (1x2x3x4) =5x6 =30
So now there are 30 different ways to throw the dice that you don’t get the same number (look at the picture for that, 30 different combinations with 2 different numbers , 6 with the same number)

For the game again we take the bigger numbers and put them in the same formula to see how many different combinations there are possible without matching 2 persons who know each other together.

u= (10000!) / ((10000-60)!)
Now that’s how many different combinations you can find were no people who know each other are together in the same war band.

Now the final step, the probability:
P=u/m =30/36 =0.83333 =83% that you get different numbers
P= 1- u/m = 0.16666 =16% that you get the same number.

If we count it in the picture it’s 36 possible combinations, 6 the same so 6/36 =0.16666.

So the math is correct, 16% chance to throw 2 times the same number.

Now if we use the numbers from the game for u and m we get the numbers from my post before for the chance to match together with people you know.

Sorry for this maybe a little bit off topic post, but it’s maybe interesting for some to know, that the chances getting matched with someone you know are higher than they may think…

This is maybe also helpful for that.


what happens to the rest? there are at least 300 players in the game right now

There are 3 kingdoms and each kingdom has an unlimited number of warbands.

When the first 100 people warband is full the game will start filling the next one till all people are matched.


I asked in another beta version awhile back about how and what goes into the determining factors of what kingdom you get put into like how many 5* you have and troops size but looks like it got overlooked and no answer or read, but thank you for putting out something that we can look at for different team strengths player levels… etc


We do not know how the match making works, but I assume that all Kingdoms will have the same amount of members.
So the first who sign up will go the first Kingdom, second to second Kingdom, and third to third Kingdom, and fotth to the first Kingdom again…
Warbands might be created based on hero roosters.


Ah thanks, this is where my confusion came from.

I imagine in closed beta with less people this wasn’t the case, but I wonder considering the WB chat if we will be grouped by language at all :thinking:

Ah thanks, this is where my confusion came from.

I imagine in closed beta with less people this wasn’t the case, but I wonder, considering the WB chat, if we will be grouped by language

I believe these three kingdoms are based on something from “real life”. But we’ve already got some confusion in my alliance over the three similarly sounding kingdoms.

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Yup, they’re from a 60 year period of China history

The real historical people and battles were romanticized in a famous novel named Romance of the 3 Kingdoms

There are probably more remakes of the story than Arthur, Robin Hood, and Batman combined :smiley:


it is based on this: novel, game, tv show, etc: Romance of the Three Kingdoms - Wikipedia

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We will see whether Language is considered on match making or not tomorrow.
This was one of the first suggestions when this event arrived to Beta for the first time.

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Two questions please:

1 - This is going to be a vanllia war? Ie no specials like arrow attack or rush?

2 - Is there a thread to handle the tactics of this war? Specifically related to tank colour selection? Since there are no team tank colour rules, is it going to be a free for all on what tank you choose, or we will have 24 hours to talk with the rest of your 99 allies and work out which colour tank your whole team will go for?

1 - There will not be special rules. (Later the event heroes will give Moral Bonus, but that will only arrive later.)
2 - You will have 24 hours to discuss the team strategy and set your defense team in the game during the preparation phase. Check the time range for that in the OP.


Will there be any balance between heroes’ mana speed or combat boosts?

I do not understand your question.
Each battle will be like a raid except you can target teams, which are already injured.


Looks like I put myself in a little problem with the new event.

I opened E&P in a rush to try to hit the titan, when the 3 Kingdoms pop up appeared. I tapped on not now (the red button on the bottom right) so I had time to go for the titan. Now I can’t find this event anywhere in the map.

I know I should have read properly and not tap in a hurry but, was that option basically opt out from the event?

Will there be battle boosts like buff booster, quick mana, arrow rain etc…? this is my question

Accessible via the quests tab.


Yes! It’s right there, Thanks Gunvor