🧞 [MASTER] Mythic Titan Event - FAQ & Discussion

Wow, less than 700k participants? That’s…very low…

it includes a lot. I thought earlier, EP players are only about 100,000 people left. Lol

I stopped doing it myself because my laptop can’t handle E&P anymore for my alt account. I appreciate this number and added it to my tracking.

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I used all 12 attacks with pretty minimal items. I would say 10-15 mana pots of mixed sizes between small and medium, 5-10 titan banners because I found I have over 100, maybe 10 axes. Most attacks I used no items.

I’m managed top 5% total and 10% single. That netted me 110 emblems and an EHT. That is a fantastic return on investment as a FTP.

Maybe, but you still need certain paywalled heroes. I am a FTP who wanted to try and get every MT avatar during one of the circuits. I got 3 of 5. The other 2 I cannot get until I get certain heroes. No amount of items will over come the deficit as I have tried more than once to “buy” the avatar with items.

The damage people put out now on their top teams out paces planning, emblems, and items if you don’t have those heroes unfortunately. That makes MT unique in the sense that it is literally impossible for certain people to get top 1% cumulative. All other events you can replay and flask or use items to compensate.

The difficulty is compounded because more people realize this, don’t have the heroes, and don’t participate. It used to be if you were top 10k you were top 1%. It is down to like 6500. Most the top 1% don’t even use all their attacks, they just watch near the end and use another if they fall out.

In the 2 I couldn’t do I get like top 1.5%. I lose at the end when the other people with the right heroes throw another attack to boost me out. It almost effortless for them.

It’s not just Pengi, although he is a big player on the blue one when you can’t D drop. On the others where D drop is possible there are a handful of combos for the big scores. Even then, you need Franz and other very difficult to get heroes. Played every CoK and Christmas, I still have no Franz or Buster for example.

Honestly I don’t think they fix this either. I think they just let these cycle until they cancel it. It is a pretty broken event though if you’re competing. The only way I like it is by basically going through the motions for 20-30 minutes over 2 days I get over 100 emblems, some coins, and food crates.



I forgot about hitting the MT until about 30 minutes to the end, got in 6 hits, I think. I’m probably not the only one who hit late, so numbers taken too early can be a little misleading