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As usual. Frosty is key for this trial. don’t go nuts chasing Halloween heroes. save a couple EHTs and try for Frosty if you don’t have him because he is one of the best 3*s, period.

that said. the team is updated:

since Grimm is here for regular def down, I subbed in my newly minted Kelile +20 for Gormek for sniper power. the result?


no items used! a first. i prepped the board before the final round, but it continued to be nice to me even after the first salvo. Azlar went down first, then Elena with no revive and then i was sure i could do this one without items this time. :smiley:

No reset emblem. Red trainer to Carol, i really want to find a use for her. Rogues to Griffin, kinda the same thing. Barbarians saved for my shortly-to-be-maxed Azlar

OH! this is a great place to mention this. in the last war, i absolutely won a battle because of Danzaburo. yeah, that Danzaburo. he pulled knives 8 out of 10 times, i think, but besides that, he was absolutely key to winning the battle he was in. don’t write off the little tanuki, he’s not unlike Malicna. whatever he does, in the end, he can get the job done.


Same team no change 3 health pot used.

Barbarian storage… Rouge and trainer francie


Team Last Time

Team This Time

Same as before… 2nd blue mana troop is on the way to lvl17.


Decent board and all mana ready on boss wave.

Finished without problem and without items.


Rogue keep for now, Barbarian would be for Frank (alreaady get his costume with EHT :heart_eyes:), trainer goes to Kelile costume.


Easy,even with 2 3*. Blue tiles just melt the bosses

Emblems in storage, trainer to kadilen (4/72 now)


My team this time:

Domitia +c18
Gretel 4^75+20
Grimm 4^75+c20
Little John +20 (with three levels of costume bonus)
Brynhild 4^75+19

Compared to last time, I limit broke Brynhild and began leveling LJ’s costume.

Was already feeling a bit of damage by the time the bosses came around. Fired all specials and went to work on a mediocre board that never really opened up. Brynhild and Gretel both took a lot of damage, and I had to use two antidotes and a handful of healing potions. Without LJ’s mama cut, this might have been a loss, but I made it through.

Barbarian emblems saved for Frank, who I drew Monday and just started leveling. Almost have enough to take him to +20 already. Rogue emblems saved for Francine, who I also drew Monday. Struck out on Vanda and Russell, though, so no red project currently. Trainer hero to Leonidas costume.


My team for very long time was this super garbage crappy team (for this trial anyways) :


I JUST realised that I can make a way better team… :


One of few trials where i have to take minor healing pots to heal heroes that aren’t near Brynhild. (I don’t have 2nd Brynhild) Definitely a lot more effective team hence of Barbarian version of Grimm C and his def drop (not using his Rogue costume version that is shown there) and tile buff from Jott. I mostly had to use items before to have a chance to win this trial, but it’s not a problem with this new team.

Can’t believe that I have been using such a terrible team on this trial for so long! Funny how I never really realized that there are 3 red bosses and I used literally NONE blue heroes. That’s why this trial was always one of the hardest to win with no items for me, no doubt!

I only emblemed Grimm C very recenly via emblem grid of his original version, as I drown in Barb emblems and he’s a beast.

I think next time I’m going to try to add 2nd Jott, that I’m currently leveling right now, over Domitia even if he won’t have any emblems, as I don’t have any other good third blue hero available for these classes.


Yeah, I’m looking forward to opening up a can of Frank + C. Grimm in the not-too-distant future on this one! Jott would be great, too, but I don’t have him.


Same team. No battle items.

Barbaro emblems & Trainer for Frank
Rogues saved for Frosth.


Tried out nordri. He almost died but bosses died more quickly.
No items used.


Well Mr jackal out and francine in… One health pot used…

Rouge francine barb will be jott trainer russell


My team this time:

King Leonidas +11
Gretel 4^75+20
Grimm 4^75+c20
Little John +c20
Brynhild 4^75+19

Compared to last time, LJ has finished his full costume bonus. I really anticipated having Frank finished and emblemed up by now, but thanks to the Great Aether Mistake, I was able to limit break Krampus early, and he’s been eating all my blue feeders ever since. Instead, I decided to swap out Domitia for my shiny new costume Leonidas to see how EDD could boost his and Gretel’s damage output.

Completely forgot that mob waves were red and purple, so the choice to double up on yellows was looking like a smart one early. Really cut through the mobs without a lot of damage taken. Gretel was getting a little bit low by the boss wave, but not terrible.

Entered the boss wave with all specials charged and a yellow diamond on the board, with several yellow tiles. Really felt pretty ideal. Fired everyone except Brynhild, as I still didn’t need healing for Grimm or LJ yet, then popped the yellow diamond. Initially, it didn’t look like this salvo did as much as I was hoping, given that all enemies had def down and EDD for yellow, but as I kept plugging along, I was able to finish off Scarlett just before she fired. Ended up actually holding Grimm and Leo to maximize the duration of their ailments, and I think that might have ultimately made the difference. Nashgar went down next, then Azlar, and when the smoke cleared, none of the bosses had fired, and I didn’t use a single battle item, so I guess this went better than expected.

Barbarian emblems saved for Frank and Guardian Kong. Rogue emblems saved for Francine. Trainer hero to Guardian Kong.

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Had a blue gem going into the boss wave and wiped them in one turn

I had been hesitant to use nordri but I’ve been happy since the change.


My team this time:

  • Frank +c20
  • Gretel 4^75+20
  • Evil Grimm 4^75+20
  • Little John +c20
  • Brynhild 4^75+19

Compared to last time, I finished Frank (+CB), so I swapped him in for Leonidas and flipped Grimm to costume form, since Frank had def down covered.

The good part is that Frank + C. Grimm is pretty much enough to wipe out a mob wave. The bad news is, these two high-attack blues didn’t help with the red bosses as much as expected. Entered the boss wave with all specials charged and fired everyone but Brynhild. I tried to negate Nashgar (fast mana) by hitting him with Gretel, but with LJ’s mana debuff active, there was a certain anti-synergy to this approach. Need to remember for next time. Anyway, to make a long story short, all three bosses fired at once, and it was a dang miracle I didn’t lose anybody. After that, though, Brynhild healed, I administered an antidote, and everything was hunky dory. Also had to use a few health potions for LJ at the beginning of the boss wave, since he was outside Brynhild’s range.

Barbarian emblems will go to G. Kong, who will be finished probably later today. Have been targeting Francine for rogue emblems - she should be finished in a week or so, except her costume - but I’m currently leveling Zila Lei in blue and thought she might be a good addition for this trial. Anyone have feedback on her? Kong is too close to done for me to give him the trainer hero (wasted XP), so I’ll save it until I do my Challenge Festival pulls. Will probably end up going to the flamingo to appease my flamingo-obsessed daughter.

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Bit of a change… Zocc out ametrine in francine up some bling… One health pot used.

Everything in storage.

Same team. Again no items. Again the blues make quick work of the bosses.

Same team as last time: frosty (heal) / nordri (ice deff down) / grimm (deff down) / jott (tiles up) / scarlett. Unfortunately, my last move in the last mob-stage triggered a cascade which matched most of my saved-up blue tiles. All bosses managed to fire once when I went in with a rather bare board, but I managed to take them out without items used.

Trainer to second BT costume (or maybe Joon who’s at 4/75); emblems on the pile for the next worthy hero.

2021-Dec Survival, Trials of


[482] Grimm b.4* 3.60,

[656] Grimm b.4*+18,

[619] Danzaburo 4*+1,

[526] Scarlett b.4*+18,

[zero] Jackal 4*+1

[x]=[HP left]

b.= base hero, no costume

b+= base hero with costume bonus

b^= base hero with maximum costume bonus

c+= costume and costume bonus

X^Y+Z= Rarity/ Stars X LB Level ^Y Class +Z example b.5^85+15

Battle items

[05] 5x Heal 500 HP

[06] 10x Antidotes

[02] 5x Bear banners

[20] 20x Heal 100 HP

[x]= number of battle item used


Click for notes


2x Grimm ( b.4*+18 and b.4* 3.60 )

With 3x Red Bosses - even dead - they do strong normal damage / tile damage / matching damage

Yellow and Glass Cannons



Update, Harpoons, and Titanium shields, also a good choice

See also

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Same team no items…

Emblems storage trainer Cheshire cat.


No items. Added Richard to the team

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My team this time:

  • Frank +c20
  • C. Leonidas +18
  • Grimm 4^75+20
  • Little John +c20
  • Brynhild 4^75+19

Compared to last time, I forgot to flip Grimm to his costume to avoid redundancy with Frank. Also, since I discovered last time that LJ and Gretel don’t play too well together, I went back to C. Leo in place of Gretel. I strongly considered Francine +9 instead of Leo because of her cleanse over time against Azlar, but three greens against three red bosses seems like a bad idea. Plus, the idea is to kill Azlar before he fires anyway.

Lots of firepower means mob waves don’t get to inflict a ton of damage, which is good with only limited-range Brynhild for healing. Entered the boss wave with all specials charged and a yellow diamond on the board. Fired everyone down the middle and popped the diamond. Brynhild mitigated Nashgar’s special, but the bosses picked on LJ with regular attacks, and I had to potion him up a few times. Main thing is I was able to kill Azlar before he fired. He and Nashgar went down together. Scarlett held on a little longer, primarily due to her evade talent. Overall, though, a successful run.

Rogue emblems saved for Francine. Now that Kong is +20, barbarian emblems held for Obakan. I’m that hard up for purples. Trainer hero to Lancelot.

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