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Completed trial without using any battle items. Went with Gormek +1, Sif 3/56, Bryn 3/60, Li Xiu +15 and Ametrine +1. Totally off colour cause forgot to use costumed Richard, but this team did just fine thanks to the Sif and Bryn.


I haven’t used a 3 star hero in any trial since my roster was much thinniner probably a year ago. Today though I used Frosty here as my only hero that could heal all. Stuck him between Brynhild and Sif and he easily survived and I cruised to a fairly easy take down.


I pulled out frosty too

Used a single antidote against azlars burn, smooth sailing now. Trainer to Reuben, emblems stored.


No difficulties for me with this one. Killer board for the final fight; BK and Miki make up for having a bad one anyways.

No items used, emblems for Miki & Sif. Trainer to Miki # 2


My team:

This is one of the hardest trials for me. Frosty wasn’t ready yet, so I had to use some healing potions and time stop to avoid bosses’ special attacks. They almost died at the same time.

Trainer to QoH, barbaric emblems to finish Gravemaker and the rogue ones will be saved.


4x heroes challenge,… :muscle:

My Team Last Time

My Team This Time

Other option


Decent board… already using 2x bomb,… one bomb I though it was at 4/5 wave, I already have very great board setup and all heroes mana ready charged, but it is not… lol.

Great result,… although use some of items for savety.


Emblems keep both for now. Trainer also keep for later.

Now, this is the latest 4x heroes challenge, all completed from Pity to Survival.
Mission has been completed. :+1:
Finally finished! :sweat_smile:

Summary Team Setup for 4x heroes challenge



I didn’t realize we were still doing the 4 challenges?

Also, I thought the original 4 challenge was using 5 x 4* heroes, not 4 x 5* heroes, but hey, either one is an awesome accomplishment.

I used Miki, Malosi, Obakan, Marjana, and Little John. Finished without much difficulty.

Definitely would have stacked blues if I knew the boss fight was going to be all reds, but I didn’t read up first, just went in blind with rainbow.

As for the standard questions…

  • Probably the same team I used last time.
  • Don’t have any new costumes for this one.
  • No major changes to these heroes
  • Used healing pots, arrows and axes
  • Saving emblems for now until I decide who will benefit most from them
  • Don’t even remember the trainer hero color;

If it was red, Noor ate it.
If it was blue, Isarnia ate it.
If it was green, either Grevle or c. Brienne ate it.
If it was purple, Proteus ate it.
If it was yellow, Joon ate it.


That challange already finished at 15th Nov 2020.

This is why I leveled 2x Grimm. For this trial of Survival and also Trial of Strengh (all Red), stage 3 last bosses are Azlar - Elena - Nashgar.
But now, there are other options like: Frank (blue barbarian), Jott (blue barbarian), Sapphire (blue Rogue), Frosty (blue healer).

It is always the same for all members, not random… so it should be Red trainer.


Only reason I don’t remember the trainer color is because I had other trainers from other sources, and just fed them all to their respective colors. I don’t keep spreadsheets on who ate which Aife. :laughing: If it was a red trainer, Noor ate it.

For blue, I do have Grimm and Jott. The final boss battle would have been much easier if I brought them, I’m sure.


My team this time:

  • Domitia +18
  • Marjana +6
  • Grimm +20
  • Little John +20
  • Brynhild +19

Compared to last time, Marjana is up three talents.

Most challenging thing about the mobs in this one is keeping that nickel and dime damage from adding up before the boss wave, since Brynhild can only protect two allies. That’s why I usually burn all specials on wave 2 or 3 to take them out without allowing them to do any damage. Still, by the end of wave 4, I usually need to boost up Domitia and Marjana a bit with health potions, and this was no exception. Lost a blue diamond I was trying to save but I did go into the boss wave with a green one.

Fired everyone at Azlar, as I really don’t like it when he fires. The board was very kind, and by the time Marjana recharged, Azlar was still burning and in very low health, so I gave Marjana’s next special to Scarlett, who didn’t dodge, thankfully. Popped the green diamond just in time to recharge LJ and keep his mana debuff active (MVP?). That also created a nicely timed blue diamond which blasted both Azlar and Scarlett to oblivion, allowing me to focus my remaining specials on Nashgar, who went down quickly. For the first time in a long time, none of the bosses fired, so big win for Team Weasel.

Rogue emblems from a previous stage took Marjana to +6, so no further movement there. Barbarian emblems saved for either Nashgar or Namahage, as the prospect of embleming Azlar doesn’t excite me much. Waiting to see if I get Nashgar’s costume before deciding. Trainer hero to Shadereave.


Took this used a few health and antidote a mass cascade at the end took out scarlet and azar.

Everything in storage at the moment :sunglasses:


I can’t get thorough last stage… impossible without a healer… Barbarian and Rogue class looks like the weakest point at the moment :scream:

I didn’t have a healer either but I was able to finish it. I had to use some time stops for the final bosses to avoid the first rounds of special attacks.

Nothing is impossible.

Good luck!!!:wink:

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2nd account

Frosty will be leveled in my 1st account
Emblems saved
Trainer for Lianna



4x hero challenge


I decided to use Frigg even though she isn’t fully leveled yet. She did not disappoint. I used a few items, but overall things went better than expected. Barb emblems to BK (+15), rogue emblems saved for Frigg, trainer hero to Frigg (4/56).


My Team Last Time

My Team This Time

Let’s try Frank instead of 2nd Grimm…

Hard to setup blue diamond, so green diamond instead.

Finished, use one minor mana and bomb.
Not big different with Frank.


Barbarian maybe for Frank (already have enough for BK in future), Rogue keep later, maybe Francine if maxed.
Trainer keep it for BK, finally Mount Umber 6th Rings for him.


This is the team I used this time:

It was easier than I expected, even without a healer. I had to use some healing potions and antidotes to remove burn.

Trainer for Wilbur, barbaric emblems for Ametrine and the rogue ones will be saved.


Same team as last time used a few health and a green pot…

Everything in storage :slight_smile:


I forgot to take a picture, but the team was:

Jackal +18
Grimm +18
Gretel +18
Little John w/ CB +14 (ish)

In the first two stages I had Domitia +3 instead of LJ. Switched because that mana slow is huge. Still no way for me to do this without items. No healer and tons of glass cannons really hurts there.

Of the bosses no one fired but Scarlett at the end when I wasn’t paying attention. LJ and Gretel and mana pots work well. It’s the key to my quests and events too. I did still lose 2 heroes (maybe Jackal and Gretel?). Both at the very end when using health pots wasn’t worth it.

I wish I had a rogue or barbarian healer (that or a Miki/Jott to just blow anything red away :laughing:). I can’t remember what I did for the vanilla challenge, but without Gretel it must have been harder.

I had considered resetting Little John to load Azlar. He is my only red 5* (still :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:). Then these and events show me how useful LJ is. Maybe the costume bonus can keep him alive without emblems?

Trainer to Ranvir who I want to finish ASAP and badly. Currently maybe 33/70 or so.

Good luck out there!



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