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Lets try something new:

And even with a board which keeps giving green diamonds, and Wu in a miss-streak, finished without items used. Emblems in storage, trainer to mist.


My team this time:

I tried to to de the 4-hero challenge, but I was defeated!!!:scream::scream::scream:

Besides, it seemed that the enemies wanted to focus on one of my heroes each time. In the first battle, the victim was the Hatter. In this one, Vivica was the chosen. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

The trainer will be for Wu Kong and the emblems will be saved.


I went with a different team slightly than I usually do

Joon / cBoldtusk / Wilbur / Hansel / Mist

I am currently maxing Malosi with 1* feeders (I took him from 4/1 - 4/69) so this yellow trainer is a nice addition to helping max him lol


I forgot to take a picture, but figured I would still circle back as I missed a few write ups.

Turns out this is a trial with a deeper pool for me. I think I counted 11 unique maxed 4’s and 5’s to bring. Wanted to tinker with mana control so I went with this:

c-Boldtusk +20
Joon +14 (I think, I may be off one)
c-Lianna +4
c-Li Xiu

So the thought is Li can cut all the mana, Leo can target someone with a 40% drop, and Lianna can slow their mana. I was largely curious as these are the vanilla mana controllers. 1 v 1 they don’t compare to the special ones (Hel, Gretel, Hansel, Peters, Proteus, etc.), but wanted to gauge the impact of having many of them on a team working in unison. I didn’t have a lot of other opportunity to try this effectively. My raid opponents would obliterate a team like this probably.

I brought two different mana sizes to help my mana controllers and used a couple of each size. I won and lost nobody. The mana control was spotty at best. Brining different mana sizes with just my Gretel would have been better probably. In retrospect it may be unfair as these classes can counter the mana slow or Lianna, which happened.

I killed Joon first, Boril next, and finally Tuck. They all fired specials multiple times. c-Skittleskull is almost done, so she may come along next time for the A drop.

Mana control is so big in this game and it really stacks against newer, or unluckier, players who haven’t been able to get the special mana controllers. The difference isn’t just a slight improvement, it is night and day in terms of ability. It’s kind of laughable to say they’re in the same class or trying to do the same thing as the vanilla mana controller options IMO.

Good luck out there!




4x hero challenge


@jinbatsu I wasn’t sure if we were still doing the 4x hero challenge, but I did it anyway. I used a few items, but probably didn’t need to. No real problems with this one. Monk emblems to Jabberwock, Cleric emblems to Ariel, Trainer hero to Lord Loki (3/62).


It is already finished, I mean 1x rotation, 10 class trial.

Great,… :+1: :muscle: :sunglasses:

I’m just doing once (each class trial, 1x rotation), and I think I would definitly want to save items as possible as I can, because now so many to do,… event challenge, ninja tower, mythic titan…

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My Team Last Time

My Team This Time

Will try new MN at 3.70, I think she is already sturdy, and place Candy Skittleskull.


Decent start, but not so good board setup.

Gafar, 2nd Hansel and C.Skittleskull died but revived by MN, so all is live :muscle: :+1:
Used some items though.


Emblem both keep for now, Trainer mhh… I currently level Dawa, so no need 3* Trainer, will keep later for maybe Onatel if I get 6th Dart.



I made some changes and it was a bad idea. I had a lack of power.

As usual in this trial, I went straight to kill Joon first, but I needed to use an axe, as Fray Tuck was turning me crazy with his healing.

Trainer to Kvasir, monk emblems will have to wait and the cleric ones have too many options.

Good luck.:wink:


Took this swaped gafa out for hansel give him a run used some mana. Joon withheld everything haha

Cleric for rigard monk may give some to more to wilbur trainer joon…




I took out Boril, then Joon, then Tuck. I anticipated it being tougher, but it was a breeze. I used a couple items, but didn’t really need to. Emblems saved, trainer hero to Thor (3/41).


same team, same emblems, same everything as last time. Completed with ease even though i couldn’t prevent Boril’s riposte.
Monk emblems went to Santa (from +5 to +8) and Wilbur to bring him to +18 (i had quite a few stored). Cleric emblems stored for future heroes (as of now, Rigard#2, i haven’t other options)


Monks and clerics were all I had for a while…my line up for these was:
Marie Therese +19
Wilbur +5


Here is the team/victory (money?) shot:

This trial is much less of a pain now since last year. Last year I got Lianna’s costume, Skittleskull’s costume, Boldtusk’s costume, maxed Leonidas, maxed Elkanen (who was an option I got rid of for Skittleskull).

This used to be a pain because I had no damage aside from Joon. I think my old team has Li Xiu, Rigard, Boril. I think the 5th was maybe Wu sometimes? Anyways, now I have a balanced team and it went great.

Joon died first, Boril second, and finally Tuck. Lianna’s mana slow was helpful, I hardly use her in costume. They kept blocking Leo’s cut over half the time, but it happens. I need to find a cleric or monk dispel now … probably easier said than done :laughing:.

Joon went to +18. Cleric stashed for Elkanen as I didn’t have enough to get him to +16 yet. Trainer to Ranvir (63/70).

By the way, Friar Tuck plays better as a boss than he ever did for me as a hero …



Same team
Last time MN’s where both 2/40 and put in 2nd Elk

Trainer for Grimble, emblems saved
Havent done second team yet


cBT+18 | Mist+18 | cLianna+19 | cLianna+0 | Jabberwock+19

One bomb to save a good board. Posting for posterity so I can remind myself of what heroes I used.


Posting late for reference. My team this time:

  • Rigard +c20
  • Wilbur +20
  • Joon +14
  • Gafar +18
  • Queen Sabina +20

My thought was that stacking three purples against Joon would make this squad more effective, so I swapped in Rigard for Chef Boldtusk +20 and Queen Sabina for Candy Skittleskull +18. It wasn’t as effective as I’d hoped. Sabina’s buff block was great against Boril, but I kinda missed Chef Boldtusk’s attack up and red tile damage against Tuck.

Mob waves weren’t remarkable. Boss wave was long and boring. No one died, and as mentioned, Sabina was helpful against Boril, but Tuck was his usual annoying self. I actually worked on him first, which was tough with him tucked (pun intended) in the back. That was probably a strategy mistake, but obviously, the trial went much better after bringing him down.

Cleric emblems to Hawkmoon after grabbing her costume. No good place for monk emblems to go any time soon, so I’m seriously considering saving up for the 19th node (attack) for Joon. Trainer hero to Chao’s costume.

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Took this… Lixiu out joon in no items used.

Cleric rigard, monk joon, trainer jackal 3 :+1:


this, but Wilbur is at +20 now. Started boss fight with all heroes charged and a lot of yellow tiles. It ended quickly.
Storing monk emblems because Joon is my next 5* project to max at +20. Cleric ones went to Hawkmoon to bring her to +19. I decided, whenever i’ve no new 4/5* hero to emblem but dupes, to finally max my 3* for tournaments and challenge events.
Trainer went to Uraeus.


I changed the team and I almost regret it.

Everything was doing fine, as usual, until suddenly the bosses focused their attacks in the Hatter first and then in the White Rabbit. :scream: I had to use some time stops, axes and mana potions to defeat them.

Trainer for Uraeus, the cleric emblems for MN and the monk ones will be saved.

Good luck and take care. :wink:


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