🔱 [Master] Atlantis Summons / Atlantis Rises Discussion Thread

Still the best event . Get the most bang for my time . Great event and once again NO Proteus ! I draw once every AR with gems and after 3-4 years still no Proteus .


Hm let’s see:

  • two costumes that seem to mostly-minimally change their base heroes
  • Devana, who is good but whom I actually have
  • ……Klaern

Did a 10 pull free coins …

Got a too muggy sadly be eaten :confused:


So all the Costumes are out for the 5 stars (except Oceanus and Thethys) and 4 stars. We will see how long will it take for the rest of 3 star Costumes to come out.

managed to scrounge up 2 summons so far… dupe Mnesseus with costume, dupe Gato :upside_down_face:

at least the Fated Summons counter increases…


Got a dupe Melia and costume, for food, and a Triton and costume to maybe use someday. But they helped me get to 100 on FS, which got me Ariel, my first high-quality 5*


Yup that’s why I kept my coins. That and my counter is at 100. Also normally I managed to gather 2 pulls during Atlantis, nowadays its only 1.


Nice to beat the odds today



I know that it’s not important, but while watching AR summons I noticed that there’s a mistake in Atlantis summoning animation. Atlantis portal looks like this:
atlantis portal
There are 5 colorful triangles, starting from the bottom left one colors are: blue, yellow, red, purple and green. When you summon a hero, the portal spins and the triangles flicker with colors. When RNG decides which hero you get, first you will notice that one of the triangles is lit up and then you see that the portal changes to the drawn hero color.
The problem is that when the green triangle is lit up, you get a blue hero.
When the blue triangle is lit up, you get a green hero.
Other triangles work as they should.

@PlayForFun could you please inform the staff about this?


Hmm, interesting. I have forwarded it to Staff.

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Still the best use of my loot tix. Always great at re stocking on meteors and nuggets . Still NO proteus though.

5 WE flasks used (each for 54 WE), 5 dragons found, got 15 coins.

At this rate i’ll get 120 coins for finding 40 dragons and using 40!!! WE flasks ffs…

1 lousy pull for all that (nvm all the time spent)

Just to have ±1% chance for drawing a 3-4 year old 5*

Way to go :ok_hand:

Farming for Atlantis Coins now is very boring and tiresome. And apparently, the portal only has Melia and Mnesseus and both this one and Untold Tales. Can I convert the extra Atlantis Coins into gems and never have to touch this event anymore?


These are the exact 2 I always get from both portals too! Even if I do a 10 or 30 pull, I get the majority of these 2 heroes. It’s annoying. I sometimes get Gato from Atlantis portal, too - but mostly Mnesseus and Melia.

I just do AR now for the backpacks and any “extra” items I get for things, coins are a bonus and if I get to 100 then great.


After not getting them when they were HOTM, did a single pull and was very happy with the results