ℹ Margaret – 5* Nature/Green - May 2019 HotM

Have not noticed any difference. Believe the doge % is based on the attack strength itself, rather than the damage it causes.

I dont’t thing so…

Based on desc, it is damage, and that should be calculated based on attack-offense and defense-defender.
But I’m not sure how they applied though.

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Since I’m considering maxing her I am curious about this too.

I can see either being the case, especially with the wording on dmage dealing specials saying they do x% damage to the target.

Does anyone know a ballpark damage to trigger the 90% dodge? It would obviously just be guessing unless anyone has done some testing on it.

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Since they introduced hotm families she is on my main pvp team together with neith, onatel and Kingston. So I have quite some experience with her.

Btw this is a really nice team, no matter what’s on the other side, blind, dodge, manacut, manasteal, manaproduction via dodge, atk-, a great family bonus, protection against red heroes, heal over time, faster mana regeneration and some nice passives.

But back to your question. I haven’t done any statistics so it’s still just guesses.
Normally sniper damage gets dodged, everything 8/900+ is nearly never a hit and I’m always surprised if they get through. So that’s probably around the 80/90%.

Against the new hard hitting Aoe heroes, most of the time 2 dodge. Sometimes all or one, seldom none. But I’m pretty sure it’s still over 50%.

Super weak heroes like for example telluria, vela, everything in the <200 damage range is probably on the lower end till down to the 30% dodge rate.


I do wish there was some sort of calculator to determine the percentages. She is on my defense and i use her all the time when i raid. Whenever i see a heavy hitter, like @ferg said, Im usually very surprised if they hit. The Uraeus, quintin, raynes, and dark lords and the like are mostly ineffective.

Edit for reference:


Was just going through my forgotten, unlevelled heroes and saw Margaret. Thoughs in todays meta?

Only use is for SE, never used her even after the buff.

i think she’ll be good
probably her dodge will always be +80% with how strong everyone is now.

i have her unleveled so my opinion is only in theory :face_in_clouds:

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I had a surplus of tonics and after 6 months of no decent greens I thought I’d give her a shot.
My reasoning was that with the increase in base % damage of the more recent heroes, she’d probably fire more often.

She’s been… ok. From a dodging special perspective, I’d say she’s been pretty decent, but then she dies from slash attacks. She’s currently only at 13 emblems, and definitely needs more defence to survive other hits. The other thing is that her special only dodges attacks that do damage, so can be dispelled by Tyrum if he wanted (except from her, as her innate ability prevents it). Don’t take her against a debuffer. I would consider emblemming her fully (on defence) and perhaps even limited breaking her to increase her survivability.

I’m glad I gave her the tonics - but I’m currently thinking about stripping her and giving those emblems to R&N (although I’ve got a red decision problem so I’m in no rush). I think I need to think more about how to build a team around her, and who to take her against. I have got Hippo so that might help.

I think as the meta for snipers seems to be creeping back (Hermina, Nemesis, Erebus, Zhang Fei) she might have more value but for the moment I’d say do it if you’ve got a load of surplus tonics. (even now, after using AL10B to repurpose some of mine I’ve crept back up to 18 - although thankfully pulled Quenell!)

I have her fully emblemed and i went the attack path. My reasoning was that she already had a pretty high attack stat pre-emblems, so figure that tiles would be the best way for my opponents to kill her. And if you load up buffs on her, they can’t be dispelled, so theoretically I can have a surplus of buffs on her and turn her into a monster. This works more on offense though. Her dodge can be frustrating though when I should expect a dodge. I have Bastet and her 45% dodge seems like it works way more than Margaret’s. Generally, snipers will almost always miss (dodge + rogue ability) When the dodge doesnt happen, its usually at the worst times where all three don’t dodge or the hero that i need to dodge doesnt and dies. I routinely pair her with Agrafena, so she gets undispellable healing, attack, and defense increased because my opponents need to use tiles to kill or risk wasting a special trying to kill her.

Ultimately, she’s got a special place in my heart because she was one of my first 5* and the first one fully maxed. Of course roster dependent, but i give her a solid A- if used correctly. Picture just for context


I use her a bit less now that my roster has grown, and she’s only self + nearby. That said, her dodge is still very useful!

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Back again with more praise for lovely little Maragret. With the emergence of some pretty hard hitting heroes and the Dual Limit Breaking, she has really been saving my butt lately. Now that 5700-6000 TP teams are more and more frequent, her dodge makes these Goliath hitting heroes practically useless as I charge my other heroes.

I took down this team no problem as her dodge made all the hard hitters a complete non factor. (They took out my kitty, but by then it didnt matter)


Margaret, using her avatar, praising herself…


Yeah, Margaret is great against those big heavy hitters. I still use her almost every War, where she protects my fragile key heroes like Hansel and C-Mel!


I got her from the Fated Summon and am now trying to figure out where she’ll fit on my teams. The main thing I’m interested in with her (and in general) is the mana boost. +24% mana could get an average speed hero to charge in 6 tiles with a Magic troop or some other way of getting +20% mana generation (for example, my Melendor would be 6+dodge with +13% from a lvl 23 manav troop, +5% from the costume bonus and the mana node). I’m currently considering her as a way to get a stack of 2 fast heroes and a very fast/charge hero to fully charge in 6 tiles if I get the mana from her effect, which I’m pretty successfully doing already with CMarjana+Kestrel+Serandite and CCCyprian. With Margaret, I could create some interesting synergies using average speed heroes. But I’ll have to level her first, so see ya in like 2 months I guess lol

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@PlayForFun just notice that the current Magaret card from FS said that each dodge gives +24% mana , not a moderate amount of mana

Btw, this looks huge if it is in absolute term, not a mana generation speed … can any Margaret owner confirm ?

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yes, I confirm - when Margaret’s dodge activates, it gives mana. it does not boost mana speed, it just gives mana.


I’ll say from experience, I loved pairing her a hero i wanted to protect and a hero i wanted to get thr dodge to activate from. On offense, generally dodge feels like its actually less than what the description says (for all dodge heroes) and occurs WAAAY less than fighting a dodge hero. In theory it was great but in application it was sometimes very frustrating yet equally rewarding when the synergy does what it is supposed too


I don’t think that’ll be too much of an issue.

I’m currently running a team where I have a red killing stack of CMarjana, Serandite and either Kestrel or another CMarjana paired with the second costumes of Rigard and Cyprian. If I get purple before red, the mana per counterattack from Cyprian gets the fast reds to fire in 6 tiles. I can also play for 7 red tiles tho if I don’t get purple before that or even 9 red tiles for Sera Charge 2. I’m thinking of something similar with Margaret and either Melendor or Ptolemy. I don’t have another stack exactly like that, but maybe I could use a Marga support with my purple or secondary red stack where I have 2 average and 1 fast.

My focus with these teams is trying to have my synergy not completely rely on anything that’s across multiple colors or random.