ℹ Margaret – 5* Nature/Green - May 2019 HotM

Had a similar situation … Margaret was my first HoTM and was at first really happy… but after researching further, realised that my luck had a sense of humor. And … then after another several Atlantis pulls yesterday… and she turned up a second time… have concluded that my good luck was really having a go at me … :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

I wonder if pulls from people are limited knowing that the broken Margaret is back at the gate. I personally wouldn’t do a single pull (scared to have 1 more copy) while she’s there & wait next month


I kind of hope people are holding their pulls. I mean, there has been a nearly year long outcry of Margaret’s lack of performance and SG hasn’t done a single thing about it. If it hurts the finances then let it hurt.

Agree with this. If one does have her, and for some reason decides to ascend her. As a new player, younger me was so excited to have gotten a 5* I could ascend that I did it without thinking (she was my first 5* I ever ascended)… Used her to protect my squishy Proteus and Melendor during raids.

She still gets some use now, despite Gregorion having recently been ascended, as I lack Green 5*s.

Yeah, because of my lack of Greens, Margaret is on my team that takes on Blue Titans.

I’m just trying to make the most of my sunk-cost investment :stuck_out_tongue:

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Margaret was one of two green 5* that I had. I waited forever to start working on her. Then I thought that maybe if I worked on her I’d pull Liana. No such luck. I got her to 2-60. Then stopped. Then to my utter surprise I pulled Telly at the beginning of last month. 2 weeks later Liana and horghall show up. Margaret will not see anything higher then 2-60

That’s exactly the reason I didn’t pull once. Alasie would have been great or some of the great Atlantis heroes, but the slim chance of Marg was enough to deter me. I don’t even have a copy of her, just by playing against her I knew she was garbage.

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@ original poster… does anything happen with this information to actually give consideration to a change? The usage rates must say it for themselves but since release its just been ignored and seemingly accepted being a woeful hotm? Maybe some damage, or greater management generation for dodges, or a higher rate to dodge consistently or to dodge normal attacks too, or resistant to burn etc

Poll Update

Following the May 202 Rebalancing, I have reset the polls above. Please feel free to re-cast your votes!

With the update, Margaret is going to be a lot more viable. Strikes like gravemaker without the DOT. With 821 attack that base damage is going to hurt a lot. If she could also set up dispel protection on her neighbours for 3 turns, she will finally be good in raid def as flank

Old discussion threads on Margaret (will update as I find more).

I was unfortunate enough to get 3 Margarets back in her original month. One went to 3/70 and disappoints every. single. time. The other two will be burned at Hero Academy if it ever exists.

Post May 2020 boost, she’s marginally better (moves from F-minus to a C-minus). With the other weakest heroes also getting a boost, she may retain her title of worst 5-star (or 4-star). If she could grant all allies dodge or if her dodge worked vs normal attacks (like Inari’s dodge or Black Knight’s “It’s only a flesh wound”) then she might be a candidate for tonics. As it is, I’ll sit on my 6 and wait for someone, anyone to be worthy of them.

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I just gave her the tonics over a second alby, second Lianna-costume, and second Gregorian.

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I just fought her. Left flank with Alby on the left wing. It was a pain :stuck_out_tongue: I had difficulties to kill Alby with all the dodges I faced. He kept brining back the team.

I just maxed my Margaret.

Do y’all suggest making her insanely strong and taking the attack path for emblems or covering her weaknesses and taking the defense path?

I’m think defense since she is already so strong and needs more survivability

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I’d be curious to know what is recommended too. With the new raid formations she suddenly seems a bit more viable on defense. I’m seriously considering giving her tonics to finish her off and emblem just for the raid possibilities.


I decided to go defense. I’m not relying on her for her attack ability, only tile damage. Her attack stat is already outrageously high so the tile damage will be fine.

Beyond that i want to keep her in the battle as long as possible. She already has a great spirit link to stop her fire weakness and is resistant to debuffs. Then her rogue ability plus amazing dodge special will hopefully mitigate any big attacks too. I’m hoping she will be great in the middle spot of a M or W formation

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I was thinking the exact same. I’d be curious to hear about any success you see.

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Margaret is too brittle for reverse double.

And Gravemaker will fire before she does in double.

With a taunter though. It could get interesting

Went defence path with Margaret myself and pretty happy with the result.

Since going def path with her have you noticed if her dodge effectiveness has decreased? It seems like she needs a low defense to dodge more often the way her special is written.

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