🔵 [Mar 8, 2020] Trials of Justice Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

Updated, thanks! :heart_decoration:


This is a tough one without any healers, I would go in with bombs and dragon attacks for sure to nuke the last wave. Maybe medium and big health pots to get your team there. I don’t have much experience with miracle scroll but some other people will have great advice for this.

My team:

Things were going so well that I forgot to use my Dragon attacks for Path of Valor…oops:


Changed things up for this Trials. Replaced Cyp with Richard and Wu with Joon

A Horse is a horse (Wilbur), Richard, Justice, Frida, Joon.

Went by quickly as the boards were especially accommodating. Trainer is waiting for his execution.
Reset Token- Yes


3 heavy nukes for Valor. Melia got the token reset for Kvasir and Mist had a meal. Shrubber got a monk node to tank next week.


Team last time

Last time I noted I was going to try to swap out Wu with Li Xiu, but decided to use Kiss Tibs costume instead. Glad I did as the defense down and damage to all made pretty quick work of the board.

Emblems saved for now, trainer goes to Guin who is now over 4-40. She should be maxed next week some time. Reset emblem gladly accepted.


You do not have Costume BT in your Other options section. Update your heroplan profile if you already have it :wink:

My Team Last Time

My Team This Time

Costume Tiburtus is maxed but does not have synergy with wilbur.
Costume BT is still at 3rd tier and Telluria at 2nd tier.
So, for now want a variety to use valeria instead of Wu.

The Battle

Only valeria is mana ready, but overall almost full mana.

I plan to use only 3x Dragon Attack for Valor, but well I have many Dragon Attack, so 4x dragon attack, 3x bombs, 1x antidots and 10x heal pots (because no healer).


Emblems paladin stock for Telluria, monk emblems stocked in inventory.
Trainer keep later for Delilah.


Tarlak, Leo, Li Xiu, Wu Kong and Richard. Yes having Tarlak and Wu is not optimal but I fire them alternately and besides my next best is costumed Tibs who’s not fully levelled which would make my team 100 weaker. It was plenty strong enough for this one.


My team this time:

  • Thorne 4^80
  • Wilbur +14
  • Sonya +20
  • Cyprian +8
  • Leonidas 3^70

Compared to last time, Cyprian is up 5 talents, and Wilbur is in for Li Xiu +20.

This run-through was brutally bad. Not having a healer was rough, and by the end of the mob waves, I was already down to 11 minor health potions. Perhaps I was saving Wilbur too often, as I didn’t have a lot of red on the board throughout, and I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to recharge him in time. Entered the boss wave with everyone but Leo charged.

First problem was Joon resisting Wilbur’s def down. I dispelled the enemy spirit link immediately with Sonya. Was this a mistake? Not sure. These bosses hit so hard, that even with Wilbur active, I burned through the rest of my healing potions really quickly. As expected, Wilbur and Cyprian didn’t play very nicely together, and riposte wasn’t particularly effective. Lost Leo and Wilbur toward the end. With Richard very low on health and Justice not far behind, I might have been OK, but Joon was still quite healthy, so I went to carpet bombing. Used 5 axes, 3 bombs, and a dragon. Noticed after the fact that using 3 dragons was a PoV challenge today, so that was an extra special kick in the nether regions.

Emblems take Wilbur and Cyprian both up one talent. Trainer hero goes to Wu Kong, who just claimed orbs. Taking my rewards and trying to pretend this one didn’t happen. Not sure what to shake up next time, but this particular combo didn’t work very well today.


Took this yeah I know riposte n Wilbur ain’t a great pairing but all I got.
Used a few healing pots n dragon banner for POV.

Padalin emblems in storage. Monk unsure either show Wilbur some love or keep jabberwok going. Trainer to hu to


It just doesn’t show it cause it’s not “equipped” at the time.

Rest assured it’s there


All updated with the video now that AR is done.

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Leonidas 3-70, Sonia +14, Heimdall 1/1, Li xiu 3-32, G. Falcon 4-70
Heimdall is awesome, have to level him ASAP, no needed thou, lol. used bombs for pov, some harpoons (3), 4 minors mana and 2 manas.


Aegir, King Arthur, Joon, Jabber and Santa Claus…
Monks are in short supply, low damage paladin, but at least their survivability is awesome. No items, just takes some time. (Like most trials :smile:)


Here’s who I took on my main and other 2 profiles:


When I get Chef BT on this profile, he will be replacing Cyp for this trial. Imo my 1st alt spoils me on this trial. Cause mainly of Chef BT and Jabbar. Having Sonya for this helps with the mana boost that friar tuck gives and Wilbur helps with survival. I am hoping that my TC 20 will bless me with Joon as he will be very useful for this. Emblems are being saved for Cyp and Wilbur.

1st alt:

I was spoiled heavily by this profile on this trial. Chef BT made everything a LOT easier on this trial. Emblems are being saved for Jabbar and Sonya.

2nd alt:

Shrubbear is awesome for this trial. When Joon fires and the taunt is up, then the withstand kicks in is the best feeling in the world. Emblems are being saved for my lovable bear and Gunnar.




I wish, I could tell this. :frowning: BT happened to be used in AW defense and costume was locked. This is very annoying for frequently used heroes as they are used in AW or raid tournament most of the time.


I did It with a relative low level team.
I used mana pots to trigger wu Kong and some dragon breaths to complete path daily .

The team.

Wu Kong / Li xiu / Sonya/ Valeria / Joon

Valeria and Joon are not maxed .
Valeria is 3/50
Joon is 3/25

The others are maxed and emblem

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My level 18 alt,

Bane 1/1, Gunnar 1/5, Olaf 1/1, and Bane 3/10. Just 4 heroes. Managed to complete the first stage :smiley:

My team

I always say I’ll feed Cyprian, but I only use him on this trial. Justice is no match for his riposte.


I like these threads just to see my progression, but daylight savings time and a busy day took it out of me, so just a screenshot bomb.

Didn’t grab it, but Mist ate the trainer.


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