📜 Map Loot (increased chance of finding) and Craft List

Map format, probably not.

Please update, please update, please update, pretty please…
Remember, it is my wallpaper.

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Sorry i play like a turtle :turtle:
I don t finish the first new map


So far I’ve found S2 15-10 is the best for recruits

Update map saison 2 : 22 to 24



very nice, all at a glance!
quick question though - on the crafting picture, what does the number in the backpack column mean?

It s maximal number you could have of each items during fight.



Does atlantis province 25-27 have loot speciality?

Nothing specified on items (i think)

@Petri @KiraSG, 3 last zones (saison 2 zones 25 to 27) don t have a chance of finding something ? I looked at items and saw nothing. It s a little bit surprising, isn t it ?

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Perhaps there will be new materials in the future?

I noted that I got a lot of Grimoire dust in the last zone (27), so I went to check the drop for that item.

But when I checked it, and then checked all craftables… I also noted that no other craftable items have specific drops in those seasons. That is really odd, I agree.

I have been giving these issues some degree of consideration lately as I had been farming recruits and one and two star heroes. I have only been playing for a few months or so. I realised, the other day, after a level up (-15% into it; L#22) that suddenly where I had been getting troops, backpacks and herbs that everything abruptly changed and suddenly I started getting 3 and 4 star loot (meteor frags, those nuggets and midnight roots and grimoire dust, instead of humans that I wanted). It really sucks as each time this kind of thing has happened while I progressed, I assumed it would keep going forever, but they have built in a lifetime for these things to be available and then when you need them, they can’t be found.

Last update map saison 2


Thank you for the lovely work! Much appreciated!

I like effort like this one but I realy need advice were I can get more large bones. For me it is the most insufficient craft item in the game. From picture it looks like I can get them from province 9 but today I played over 30 games there an I got only 7 bones from there. I cannot confirm increased chance for this item there. I played 9-1.

And of course I got dozens of common herbs

Season 3

Thank you for checking it @LoloSnow @zephyr1

Barry Farmz Here – Comprehensive data driven farming guide for Season 3, Season 2, Season 1, Elemental Chests, Atlantis Rises, Missions, and more


Where did you get that information? Beta?

It’s on the Beta item tool-tips :slight_smile:


It is as @Guvnor explained.


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