Mana Generation on the defense team

Hi all.

A lot of experienced players insist that the heroes on the left side of a defense team generate mana faster that the one on the right side.

I could not find any source in the forum where this is mentioned. And when I try to test this in raids by hitting only the tank - both corner heroes seems to generate with the same speed.

Is there any reason to believe this or is it a rumor that too many people follow without checking.

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Hi @ddn, welcome to the forum,

I don’t think this is correct. Defense team generates a fixed amount of mana every turn, and the amount depends on their respective mana bonuses.

Apart from that, they also generate mana when you hit them with tiles, and this generation decays exponentially, that is, the first tile generates most mana and decreases rapidly with consequent cascades.

So, mana generation in defense has nothing to do with their position. :slight_smile:

PS: The only exception are heroes who give mana regen, like Alberich and Misandra. Because they give mana to heroes, so if you put them in the extreme left, there is a chance that other heroes will fire in the same turn. :slight_smile:


Because the game fires heroes left to right, the left flank is the second most important slit as it’s often used to support the tank or right flank. So it’s a good slot for dispellers and Def debuffers.

So if the left flank fires just before the tank it can really turn the game.

It might be another case of people noticing bad results more than good - if you quickly wipe out the tank and a flank, one might not notice the mana gen, but if you’re dreading c.magni smashing your defence before Killhare wipes you out, it can appear like the mana is shooting up!


These “experienced” players told you craps.

A left wing as a right wing having the same mana speed and troops/emblems nodes generates mana at the exact same speedame for the flanlks.

Same for the flanks.

That being told. Many people read the board from left to right meaning that they tend to see combos on the left before the ones on the right which results in dumbing tiles more on the left hence chqrging this side faster.

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