Defense Mana – does the charge rate depend on position, or fill from left to right?

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I swore I saw something here about defense mana filling from left to right. Am I loosing it or just not able to find it…

Thanks for your help

I’m not one of our esteemed moderators, but it sounds like you’re talking about how the defense HITS. When the AI uses charged specials it goes from left to right. Could that be what you’re thinking of?

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A while back I swore I saw that defense gains mana every turn even if not hit starting from left and moving right. So logic was to place fast mana on left to charge faster.

I’m not sure where you saw that, but it’s not accurate.

Mana charge rates have nothing intrinsic to do with position.


Thanks for the response. The dangers of working overnight and reading information :crazy_face:

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No problem, I can definitely relate to that. :slight_smile:

Not 100% accurate as positions has something to do with it. Tank position are hit more often hence faster mana but generally the automatic added mana is the same…when exactly Special is loaded depends on mana speed of hero and tile hits/tile colour from attacker on that hero.

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