Help me pick my new defense please

Hi, I did a 10 pull epic hero summon and got a few heroes that should improve my defense team. Boldtusk, Kiril, Hu Tao and Cyprian are all new, and I’m thinking Boldtusk and Kiril will definitely be good in my team. Any tips for what order left to right they should go are much appreciated!

I’ve ascended Kiril and Boldtusk since the post. Tried out Kiril, Ameonna, Onatel, Little John, Boldtusk, but lost soo many trophies. Have since flanked Onatel with Kiril and Boldtusk, putting Little John and Ameonna on the outside and seem to be doing a bit better. Is this my ideal defense?

Definitely winning more than losing. Read in another thread that Cyprian flanked by Kiril and Boldtusk is a great combo for defense. Worth training Cyprian up for that, or should I concentrate on Tibertus?

Here is my current defense team

And here is my full roster

And last my attack team

Is my attack team also my best defense team? Should I change Gunnar out for Kiril or Ulmer?

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