Losing every time I’m raided – advice on my team?

I’ve been playing for two months. I got myself to level 23 and my team close to 2700 power, but over the last several days i’m Being raid 8-9 times a day and losing every time. Many times to teams with over 900 less power. I’ve gone from 1000 trophies to at one point 364. If I can’t figure this out I’m hanging this game up…it’s just not fair. Even if I win every raid I initiate I can’t keep up with the losses. I’ve asked in my alliance, but they never really offer advice…help?

It is normal. Attacker have adventage against you. Show us you defence team. May be we can help you do some changes. But 9 attack per day is not so much.


How do I show you my defense team


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Show ur defense time and all ur hero roster collection so we can suggest u for better defense, though we can’t guarantee people cannot beat you

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Keep in mind that the number of cups you have is basically meaningless. I like when I lose overnight, especially to weak teams. It gives me an easy revenge to fill my hero chest!!

Like others said - let us know your best characters and we can help organize them into a better defense.

Even if you write out their names


Show also what is your current defense that makes u lose so bad, maybe we can see something that could be improved.

Note #1: u have very nice heroes collections and have a great possibility to become stronger. U should be happy with ur roster.

Notable very excellent heroes as a greatest tank if u focusing on feeding is : delilah.

If i were u i will use this setup as my temporary defense team:

Little John - Boldtusk - Boril - Delilah - Colen

So try to feed and prioritize that 5 heroes i mentioned above and level them up as fast as u can to create stronger defense.

Note #2: merlin and chao good on offense but they are not very good on defense.

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Thanks so much!!! So basically I’m deploying and leveling up the wrong team.

Yup, if u provide the screenshot of ur current defense that makes u keep losing, we might know ur weakest link.

Don’t forget, focusing on feeding and maximizing 5 heroes i mentioned above as fast as u can (until you hit ascension mats problem) and make it as ur defense team. See if my suggestion better on defending your cups than your current defense setup.

Remember to use this exact lineup from left to right (where boril in the middle):

Little John - Bold Tusk - Boril - Delilah - Colen

And also make sure you have the right team checked as your defense team


Thanks to everyone this definitely helping. Taught me some things to look at too.

Topics above can help…

It’s hard to get down to 364 cups with team1 on defense. Are these people beating you attacking or revenging? Seeing someone with 900 less team power means nothing. The extent of sandbagging is incredible. I’ve had to sandbag more severely to keep up.

A few basic tips

  • Position and colours matter.

  • Early on you should probably go 1 of each colour

  • Slow mana heroes never go in the corner, they ideally should only go in the centre(tank) position

  • Healers generally go in the far left

  • if you do use 2 heroes of same colour, never put them side by side.

  • Try to put heroes next to other heroes of the opposing colour. If you have a blue tank, opponents will probably use 2 or 3 green heroes on attack. Red heroes are strong against green so put a red next to your green tank, likewise try to put purple heroes next to yellow ones.

  • Generally, your highest health/defence hero should go in the centre.

Looking at your heroes, you have some very good ones. Boril is probably one of the two best 4* tanks in game, Delilah features quite a lot in top 100 teams and Merlin can be a pain.

I’d line up Boldtusk, Little John, Boril, Delilah, Merlin or possibly Melendor, Colen, Boril, Delilah, Merlin.

Obviously you’d need to level them a bit first and little john/Colen are the weaker heroes in each lineup who you’ll probably look to eventually replace.

As for your alliance not helping you, you need a new alliance. If you have the LINE app message me @andybsg and I’ll try to help you find a good training alliance

Thanks Andy this really helped me now over 1100…working on getting leveled up

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