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Hello all!

I am currently reevaluating my position in my current alliance since participation in wars and titans has been lower than I would like.

As such, I am looking to spend some time in a different, more active alliance. I am on both line (igh13) and discord (IgH#9054)

My roster is included below:


I’ve msgd you on discord.

Path of Daggers is an alliance you might enjoy. Contact me on discord or check us out in-game. We have 2 spots open now.

Cheers and good luck hunting!

You can fill our 1 remaining spot at Looted Bandits, your roster looks sufficient enough to meet our criteria:

We are an international, laid back and fun group. As long as titan and war hits are in we won’t be all up in your grill :wink:

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How strict is the lv 17+ troops rule. Currently my yellow and blue mana troops are not quite there since they are at lv 16. And my current troop priority is green for Tarlak.

Also, what is your policy regarding unused war flags and titan scores that are not up to par? These are my primary concerns as they are my main issue with my current alliance. What level titans are you fighting?

And is there any particular war strategy to be aware of?

Thank you!

You have a pretty top-end roster there. My recommendation is to look for an alliance that is stringing together 14* titans

I am curious about 14* titans though I’m not sure how my teams would hold up since I’ve never faced anything bigger than an 11*.

Also not sure if my troops would be leveled enough for many of those alliances since my strongest troops are:

  • Purple: lv 23 mana
  • Yellow/Blue: lv 16 mana
  • Green/Red: lv 17 mana

You have Tarlak and Wu and a bunch of the elemental D downs. That is enough.

When I joined my alliance (top 50) my mana troops were all about 12/13s. Admittedly this is very low for this level of alliance and they took me with a bit of a leap of faith and the official requirement is now level 23s, but regardless it is more than enough to perform and in terms of entry requirement most ask for a level 23 which you have ticked

Don’t sell yourself short, as long as you have the player skill and confidence aspects covered

In the first 30 day probation period you miss any war flags you are booted. After 30 days you are allotted 3 points, and another 3 after 6 months. Each flag missed you are deducted a point, and if you go below 0 you are booted. This is done because we realize real life rears its ugly head sometimes.

Titan hits we require 100k daily, and we haven’t had any corrective action as a result yet. We passed titans to prepare for the upcoming pov, but are working our way back up to 12-13*

We also have 3 harpoon groups in rotation. When it is a certain group’s turn, the assigned people within the group are tasked to toss at least 2 poons each. This insures tier 1 is reached and no one person is drained of battle items.

The troops we can work with, its basically done as a motivator to build stronger teams.

We vote tank colors every war cycle. Soft targets are called but there’s leniency in what targets can be hit, as long as boards aren’t flipped until FFA.

We are also part of a collective that help each other out. If you aren’t a true fit in one of the alliances, we are happy to help you find a home in one of our sister alliances:

Hope this helps and convinces you to pay us a visit!

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Thank you! I think your alliance seems like the most compelling. Sending a request now.

Feel free to give us a look Silent Implosion! Or if you have any questions you can line me at Toya_76. We also use Heroplan!

Plz check out The Marley Army…we may be what you are looking for…everyone participates in wars and on Titans if not working, rl events. We just finished bringing down current Titan 4 hrs ahead of schedule. Laid back group that has fun with the game, chat clean and drama free. Leader very active in game and understanding. Good luck. We also have line.

@ me

join Canadian Intl Usa , tell them GD sent u …

Killing it


Both are great groups!


If you haven’t joined another alliance already, consider Fusion Fighters.

Leaving out the hat this time…

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