Looking for some advice on a good defense and offense team(s)

So I’ve been playing for a little while. Finally started reading the forums because I enjoy playing the game. Spent a little money in the beginning but now I try to play for free. But I had 2 TC20’s going which netted me some decent heroes. But now I’ve read about the TC11 bank method for leveling. Mind blown. So now I’m ready to really start leveling heroes but wonder if I’m heading in the right direction. I want a good defense and a good all around offense with what I got. I’ll be glad to hear your thoughts and opinions. Thanks!

nice roster… i love to play Evelyn together with buddy both maxed… and i would take marjana, boldtask and sartana… for raiding

for def… sartana or marjana are a pain in the ■■■ as a tank according to my opinion… and than build around them you have good options… when your heroes are maxed you will win a lot of raids…

have fun

Thank you for the input!