Looking for new team to join

Me and my wife are currently looking for a new active team to join. Our current team is slowly disappearing and we want to continue to progress. We are both over level 50 and have teams over 4800 we have been playing for a while. We attack titans do challenges and usually try and do war aswell. We believe life always comes first but having said that we are very active in the game


Hey There we would love to have you join us we have a few couples in our alliance

Holla holla.
Apex-predators is the name getting loot is the game.
Looking for active players.

26/30 members

War optional but all flags must be used.
Titan on 12* kill everyone . (once we get more players increase titan levels).
Line chat available.
English speaking preferred.
We a cool bunch.

Hey sweet what’s ya team name I might have a look. :slight_smile:

Sure Crew-Rogues contact me on line@Bzzldy

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We are semi-casual competitive hit Titan daily opt in war use your flags…real life first and enjoy the game as a team player one family

Hello! 541-Titan Slayers [TFG] may possibly be a fit.

We are currently at 20/30 members and looking to fill up 8 or so of those spots to leave room for members currently visiting other alliances.

A bit about our approach:


  • Due to a few member losses, we are now in the 12-13* titan range.
  • If we are not passing, we expect a minimum 100k damage per member per titan (not per flag because that isn’t necessarily possible for everyone). Having said that, we are willing to waive that if we see players making an effort since we know not everyone may have the right team for each titan. Really, the main goal is to have everyone putting in the effort to move the alliance forward so that everyone can get mats to grow.


  • We do coordinate tank colors but do not stick to just purple like most alliances. Every time rush rolls around again, we switch to a new color after putting out a poll via line so our members can have their pick. We go through all 5 colors, and best tanks before starting the cycle anew. We are currently running blue tanks.
  • We expect all war flags to be used if opted in.


  • We do not really do much for alliance quests or mythic titans as a group, because aiming for higher ranks is very item intensive, and we do not believer the rewards justify that level of commitment.
  • We do use line for communication and it is recommended, but not required.
  • We are an English speaking alliance.
  • We are part of the TFG alliance family, so if we are not the right fit, perhaps one of our sister alliances might be.

If you are interested in learning more or popping over for a visit, feel free to reach out to me here or via line (Line ID: igh13).

good evening curious what you are looking for in a alliance Hun? I have 1 spot run Friends Fight Club we are a positive vibes team

I only run 1 alliance TLC in important when having a alliance ask others that know me hun

Heya. Idialy would be me and my wife. Basically looking for an active team but don’t want to feel hard out pressure we want. To progress on titans. We do war attacks unless life gets to busy as we have kids then we will opt out for a bit. We do clan challenges. Both are over level 50 and have teams 4800+
We can get over hundred k titan attacks but not always on every single turn sometimes takes 3 turns to get over 100k depending on the titan.
We are friendly and chat. We have been playing for a few years now.

I think your a perfect fit for us! We would love to have you join our family with yours!

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The Guardians family has openings in a few of our alliances. Guardians University would probably be the best fit for you and your wife, but we can always move you to another of our alliances if it isn’t. They’re down to 19 right now as they have lost some members due to leaving the game. They’re on 8-9* titans at the moment and are fine with opting out of war. We are looking for members or a small merger and would love for you guys to check them out. My Line id is ckara7 if you have any questions :blush:

You are welcome to give us a try… after 6 years and being one of the original houses in the game we do tend to focus more on sarcasm and having fun versus the game but at the level we play at its the only thing that’s keeping us in the game LOL

Hey haha yeah we have been playing for a few years. So definitely understand the need for more than just the game as sometimes it is a struggle to want to play if it gets boring. So humor is important to us. We are fairly active but our family always comes first but if we’re in ear we will play otherwise we’ll opt out. We do titan attacks and team challenges the best we can we went the world’s best players lol but we can hold our own haha. . I would be keen to perhaps join first and then my wife would make the move. My game name is silentnightz818

Freeriders is chill and easy going active team 20 members would love to have you if you lije hitting titans and use your flags if you opt in to war. We are invite just ask and we will let you in. Nothing else to it

Looks like you have plenty of great options wish you the best

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Hi to you both,

Please come and check us out at Ham Nation. We are currently 20 active members having had some attrition in the last few months. We are a friendly group with a mix of strengths, some of us have been together for over 4 years. We have previously had a number of husband and wife members, so this is not new to us.
Give us a try, see if we fit, and all being well you’ll choose to join us. We use Discord as well, but there is no requirement to use that, it’s up to you.

Look forward to seeing you.


Daren (Daztardly)

Chucking me hat into the proverbial ring! :laughing:

You could consider us at Fusion Fighters.

Pretty standard fare: hit titan when on; war is optional, all flags if in; communicate absences.
Currently hitting 11* titans.
Tank rotation based on member vote.
Trophy entry currently set at 2600, but I can always change it if you want to check us out.

Getting the right fit for yourself and the alliance is important, so hope you find the right place. :slightly_smiling_face:

Check us out
A friendly, chilled, non judgemental alliance.
Everyone uses all flags in the war and hits the titan, no slackers ever.

You’re more than welcome to check us out.

Have a look @ Dragon cohorts tma

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At Lobster Stew we have three spoons available.

We are friendly and support one another’s successes and milestones. We have many of our original members in the alliance, that is 1,680 days and counting.

Basic rules of respect keep things running smoothly:

  • Titans and War are optional and Real Life takes precedence.
  • Use War Flags if you opted into war.
  • Kill titans with two hours left so that everyone can get a hit and we don’t go up in stars too quickly. We kill 11* and 12* titans.

We have a Line chat which helps with advice and sharing images, raid videos etc, not an obligation at all but makes roster advice easier. Some albums there where you can store your screenshots, like when you raid to Global #1 or go 6-0 in War as the top overall scorer, anything that is meaningful to you that you would like to share. :wink:

We coordinate war tank color. Currently Dark, will be rotating through the colors beginning next week (full five week cycle for each color to try it and see if perhaps something works better than expected).

Pop by, happy to have you visit to get a feel for the vibe.
Set as Invite only, someone is always ready to open the door.

We range from Level 49 to 99. Effort is key, be active and try, results will follow.