Looking for new team to join

Crew-Barons has 11 spots available. We’re levels 68-98. We use Line, but most chat is in-game these days. War optional, titans required.

I think Bearcats sounds exactly like what you are looking for. We have other couples, there is no pressure for sure. Your levels would be right smack dab in the middle for us, so team level you guys would fit right in. Our rules are be active and have fun. If interested let me know here, we have a couple people giving up the game so we will have 2 spots open, We will hold off opening incase you want to give us a look. Happy Gaming!

I think you and your wife would enjoy my alliance. We are a small active alliance and help each other to grow in the game. My alliance is All 4 One n One 4 All. We would love to have you both join us!!

Ascendant Universe has 2 spots open. 14* titans, FFA wars.

As @Marie1 mentioned we have 2 spots available

Let’s talk