Looking for new family alliance

Former Xtreme Panda here, looking for a new family. Have 39 5* maxed, level 23 Mana troops. 4692 defense for war.
Looking for top alliance that streams 14* Titans, thanks!
My line I’d is chihanston.

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Phoenix Empire and the Phoenix Family of alliances are always looking for dedicated players.

Phoenix Empire is currently stringing 14*s and should be breaking into the top 100 any minute now after our successful war.

Please contact: sanjoe2019 or muaddib-on-line for further information.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Hey @chihanston, a spot just opened at Grizzly Nation, could be perfect timing. We have a great group here and meet all that you’re looking for, just hit #7 global last week @EnigmaticAxioms @Harley_Quinn

Hello @chihanston I’m with Jaws in Grizzly Nation. I tried to look you up in Line but your username wasn’t found. Please add me (Line ID ayb50) and let’s have a chat.

Vem pra castelo de guerra


Have a look at my old thread (bit outdated now)

See if you think you’d be a fit with us, we have space!

@Rigs and @Math4lyfe will be happy to help you guys out as well!



I run Helios along with CVS (@C2VS).

We are a Top 100 Alliance who has been around for over 3 years.

We haven’t skipped a 14* Titan since April 2020.

Simple Wars, but efficient.

Laid back group, but we get the job done.

Love to have ya. You can shoot me a msg on line (munch.76) if interested. Or just join.

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Hello! I am with CE and we would be glad to have you! My line id is kor1sco

Hey, I’m building new top100 ally. Only one month old currently killing 13*, will kill 14*, when full. Lulu’s house of goats is the name. Tried to contact you on line, but couldn’t find you. My line id is lulua85, would love to hear from you :wink:

Anytime someone says they need a new Alliance :joy:

But seriously come and visit the Crew family. We are amazeballs.


Couldn’t find you on line… Thanks for reaching out :slight_smile:


The Simpsons meme somewhat tangentially reminded me of this…

I haven’t been on the forum for a bit and have been meaning to wish you a happy birthday-months.

This thread seems suitably off topic for you to receive some :cake:


Thank you!! I was almost finished with all my cake and in need of more. :rofl::rofl:

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Closed per OP request.