Join the ever growing Phoenix Empire Family of 3. Knights of the Phoenix (3 spots) Looking for Newer Players who are growing fast. 3900+ Team D

I started a new job recently. I was having a great conversation with one of my new co-workers when unfortunately the topic of my last job came up. She asked me why I left that job.“It was something my boss said,” I replied. “OMG, Why? What did they say to you?” my co-worker asked.

“You’re fired.”

We are the Phoenix Empire. We are an active family who hits hard, works together as a team and has high expectations as a group. We laugh, we cry we joke but most importantly we SLAY Titans. Join a family alliance that you can actually help grow and be a part of something great. We have 3 Alliances to help support All Levels of Players. Phoenix Empire, //Phoneix Fire\ and Knights of the Phoenix. Right now we have 6 spots in Knights of the Phoenix. We hit 10/11* Titans. Funny, Laid Back but have a great solid Core. If you grow your team and want a higher Challenge you can eventually move to Phoenix Fire (12* Titans) and/or Phoenix Empire (14* Titans) when a spot opens.

We Are Offering

  • Friendly and chatty family alliance with a lot of experience and active people from all over the world
  • We are active daily on line for Alliance Topics or just to keep in touch
  • We help and advise teams in need of growth
  • Three Levels of Alliances
  • Chance for daily slaying of 11/12/14* titans
  • Coordinate War Strategy


Knights of the Phoenix - 10+ maxed 5 heroes (30+ maxed 4*/5* heroes ready for War) and lvl 12+ Troops. Minimal Defense Team of 3800

Phoenix Fire - 12+ maxed 5 heroes (35+ maxed 4*/5* heroes ready for War) and lvl 15+ Troops. Minimal Defense Team of 4100

Phoenix Empire - 15+ maxed 5 heroes (40+ maxed 4*/5* heroes ready for War) and lvl 17+ Troops. Minimal Defense Team of 4400+

  • Daily Activity in Titan hits - Minimum of 100k per every titan called “Kill”
  • Full War Flags used when opted in War
  • Line Application preferred for better communication

If you are interested in becoming part of our family you can search for us on line for more info. LINE ID sanjoe2019

War is here. When it’s over come join the Phoenix Empire family. Start in Knights and have the potential to join Fire or Empire when a spot opens. We are looking for all Levels of players. Either go to the Knights of the Phoenix alliance and join or hit me up on Line with questions. sanjoe2019

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Spots still open. Join a great family today!!

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4 slots left. Looking for some players who are aggressive in grown that can jump to higher family alliances when they meet rhe requirements.

Need 2 members. Our family is always growing so check us out! Use the Line ID’s above or contact me on line at Kingpush420
Happy hunting!

Dude, you’ve gotta bump it HARDER than that!
Dude, you’re doing it all wrong. Try this:
Top 150 when full, shooting for top 100, plan to be there sooner than later. No surprise but green tanks, and level 15 troops (4* troops). 15 maxed 5 stars. 14* titans.
Check us out. I promise we do not suck, we are actually pretty good lol :slight_smile:

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That looks awesome, Joe!
We’re still recruiting for all 3 alliances.
Contact us via line.
Come by and be a part of a great alliance family!

knights still needs some slayers. Hittint 11* titans. Come, learn and build your team in the empire family. We have 3 levels of players. Need 6 good players to join the family. Hit us up on line at princesskaylee18 or sanjoe2019 or just request invite at knights of the phoenix

We are looking for new members to join the Phoenix Empire Family.

Knights of the Phoneix - 3 Spots
//Phoenix Fire\ - 1 spot

We have 3 levels of play in our family - Knights hit 11 star titans, Fire hits 12 star titans and Empire hits 14 star titans. Come join our family today!

princesskaylee18 or sanjoe2019

Gonna need a few after war. Come check us out.

Two spots still open. Hit us up on line at princesskaylee18 or sanjoe2019

Looking for beginner players who are active, spend money and want to grow quickly.

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