Looking for competitive team with serious players

5000+ tp lvl 29 mana troops. 50 maxed 5s. Hit every titan and use every flag. Mikejamez24

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Firstly, welcome to the forum.

Tagging a few friends…
@MuadDib at Phoenix Empire
@littleKAF over at 7D?
@Mistress_of_Shadows over at the shop family …

GL in your search you’ll be inundated with offers.


Thanks @Sarah2

@MikeJamez24 I’m traveling now but will be fee in a few hours. You can reach me on Line. Same name - LittleKAF. I can help connect you at 7d if openings or even outside. Feel free to reach out.


Hi @MikeJamez24

We have a spot available in :fire: Phoenix Empire if you are interested.

Please check us out. We will go for top100 in all events and were #1 on the leader board yesterday.

Come and knock, or message me through Line:
Line: muaddib-on-line

Thanks @Sarah2 :tada:


I dont use the line app. Is it absolutely necessary? Cant we talk through this?

Hey Mike, no its not absolutely necessary.
Feel free to knock and we can chat in game :+1:

What do u mean knock? Sry I’ve only ever been in one alliance in almost 4 years

Im assuming its a way to contact an alliance thats invite only? Do i have to not be in an alliance currently to do that?

You will have to leave the alliance.
Then search for Phoenix Empire PHX.
And then request to join (knock).
And someone will let you in :+1:

Otherwise we can find another way!

Ok thanks i will be knocking shortly

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Sounds like you got a spot. Good luck!

you can check our family out: Ascendant Family
we have multiple alliances for different level players or different types of players, ranging from casual to strict:

  • Ascendant Universe
  • Ascendant Rising
  • Ascendant Immortals
  • Ascendant Blinks (my home)
  • Ascendant Slayers
  • Ascendant Super Squad
  • Ascendant Cookies Horde

we have something for everyone.
line is optional but not mandatory

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