Assassins inc - Active Alliance Seeks New Members!

Hi all!

Are you looking to join alliance? Not sure who to join or why?

I’ll make a simple post about the alliance I’m a member of, Assassins Inc

  • We are an English speaking alliance from various parts of the world. From Britain to various parts of Europe to America and others!

  • We currently have 22 members, the lowest level is 38 and the highest is 59 and a good range of levels in between

  • Cups / trophies do not seem to be a requirement, but a minimum level of over 35 may be the best if you wan’t to get some decent hits on the titans

  • We currently hit and kill around level 9 Titans so it would be nice to have some more members to attack with and get to higher level Titans!

  • We use in game chat and Line chat (a free app on the Play / App store) to communicate

  • We have a very simple to understand war strategy and system which would be explained to you

  • Our only real rule is to always use your Titan and War flags. If you won’t be available to attack in the war, all we ask if you opt out in time

  • Some members chat a lot, some are silent, it’s good either way as long as you’re getting your hits in!

I’ve been a member 155 days since posting on here looking for an alliance, everyone is friendly, helpful and will always give advice if you have a question.

So if you feel like the alliance sounds like a good fit you you, give me a message on here or search Assassins Inc in the game. Let me know you came from seeing this post.

Any questions feel free to ask!




If anyone is looking to join an alliance give us a go! The more the better

7 spots left if anyone is looking to join a team that regularly takes down 9* titans and uses their war flags

We are still looking for members.

If you are at home at the moment with everything that is going on, it’s the perfect time to join a friendly alliance looking to help each other out!

Reply on here or search Assassins Inc in game :slight_smile:

We still have spaces available!

Hey everyone! If you’re looking for an fun easy going & experienced group that likes to compete, win & destroy titans without the drama, then this is the alliance for you. We’re an adult group that’s active & takes pride in consistently using all our flags in war. That said, war is optional as long as you opt out, but why would you want to do that :wink: Come check us out & say hello

Assassins Inc

Hey everyone, we’re still looking for some active players. We’re a fun, friendly, experienced. We’re a relaxed alliance that’s loves to compete. There’s really only one rule here: use your flags! But why wouldn’t you want to use them! Come check us out!

Assassins Inc

Still looking for members so if you think we sounds a good fit for you reply on here :slight_smile:

Hey guys, I’m thinking about joining a new alliance. Mine is just not active enough. Your clan sounds pretty sweet, can you tell me more about it?

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Hey Jobin!

We are from all over the place so we are pretty active throughout the day. I’m from the UK and we have others from the US and Eastern Europe I believe (and more!). All English speaking.

We are on 9 / 10 star titans right now. We have a mix of levels and and experience. Chat is active throughout the day and we also have a Line group to chat in, this enables us to send pictures if anyone wants advice on their defense team etc.

Everyone is friendly and I’ve yet to see an argument in the 200+ days I’ve been in the alliance.

We have a war strategy which we can explained in game chat or Line. Everybody tries to help everyone else out if they have a problem or question.

All we ask is that you use all of your War and Titan Flags daily. If you won’t be available for a bit e.g for wars just let us know and opt out, it’s not a problem at all.

You can find us under Assassins Inc in alliance search, hope to see you join soon!

Any questions let me know :slight_smile:


Assassins Inc is looking for some active players. We’re a fun, active & chatty group. Experienced & chill, yet love to compete. We really only have one rule: use your flags. We’re asking for 1800 cups, but we’re willing to move on that for someone dedicated & patient. Come check us out, have a visit, ask about our war strategy. Don’t be shy!

Assassins Inc

Still have spots available in our fun, chill & chatty alliance. We only have one rule: use your flags…but why would you want to leave any behind when you could be smashing the enemy :wink: Come check us out, give our war strategy a try! See earlier posts for more info.

Assassins Inc

I am currently looking to try something different. Do you use a colour coordinated war tank? What colour please?

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We do color coordinate. We’re using blue at the moment, but we’re trying to switch it up every month or so. Color depends on input from the group. Come check us out! :slight_smile:

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As Blitz said we are currently using blue but will change to whatever the group has best over all after a chat in line or in game.

We have had a few new members join over the last week but we still have 5 places free if you wanted to give us a go!

Looking for just a few more Assassins! We’re fun, chill & chatty group that likes to compete & win. There’s really only one rule here: Use. Your. Flags. But why wouldn’t you use all your flags to smash the enemy, right? :wink: Anyhoo, come check us out & say hello, ask about our war strategy & take a few shots at the Titan! Don’t be shy. :slight_smile:

Assassins Inc

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