Looking for Members to Join Small Alliance

Themis and Zeus looking for Members.

We’re laid back, still fairly new alliance looking for active members. No trophy requirements, welcome all players who are active: hit the Titan and use all six flags in war.

Come join us!

pozdrav… kakvo je stanje sa članovima,imamo jedan mali ali ozbiljan klan koji traže ozbiljne i aktivne igrače za novu razinu igrice…

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hello … what’s up with the members, i have a little but serious clan that is marketing serious and active players for a new level of gaming …

Hello, would you consider merging with another alliance. My alliance, War & Pieces, have been looking for new members. We are 11 strong now taking down seven star titans consistently. Very laid-back, friendly, happy to share knowledge. We just want to have fun with the game and grow as a team. Please consider us.

Hi there - we’re 19 strong at the moment and have closed our alliance for the time being as we share knowledge and help our newer members grow.

If you decide you’d like to join us, let me know!


Wow. Glad to see your alliance grew. Just noticed the post was from 7 months ago. Thanks for the response and the invite.

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