$ilver Phoenix looking for 6 to 10 players to merge

We’re a long established team, active on all titans, war is optional (but if you participate, use all your hits). We’re looking for up to 6 players (possibly more) to join us, a good opportunity for some folks who want to jump ship and bring their friends! :upside_down_face:

1400 trophy requirement because we only want players who play every day and can keep up. We’re killing 8* titans with only 24 players, so 9*s are just around the corner.

It’s a friendly, supportive atmosphere, always discussing team setups and titan strategies, helping each other find the best results with the heroes they have.

Some of us use whatsapp to share links, screenshots, and videos, etc., but it’s not required, and we’re open to other options.

If you think you and your friends might be a good fit but there’s more than 6 of you, we’d be willing to consider opening a few more spots for you. I hate to say it, but we’ve got a couple of members now that we’d have cut loose already if not for trying to keep our numbers from getting too low after losing some long time players who just burned out and stopped playing altogether :scream:

Anyway, let me know or stop on in! Pants are totally optional, by the way, but you might be the only person wearing any if you do :wink:

Wanted to add, we’re not hard and fast about the trophy requirement if you’ve got a mixed group. We don’t mind people who are still growing, really it’s about finding players who are actually going to keep playing. We’d just had bad luck in the past with newer players that just lost interest after a few months, or decided to switch to a weaker alliance so they had a shot at the top titan spots.

Hi gingerjuniper
We (14) are looking to merge with another alliance like ourselves, which it seems you are.
We are mostly US based but have some players in other countries.
We do not communicate outside of here. Some players not comfortable with it.
We are an alliance that puts things to a vote and divides responsibility. We all offer help and tips.
We are looking to grow but want to have fun along the way.
We are Soul Leechers Check us out.