Looking for an alliance with little or no deadwood

Why is it so hard to find 29 other members who want to use all war flags and hit titans when available?

I just came from a top 100 alliance where 14 star titans never lasted past 11 hours and everyone was eager to hit it. All members were only concerned about winning wars, not who got the highest war scores. I left because this game requires more effort than I’m willing to give to support an alliance of that caliber, but that doesn’t mean I want to quit the game. I was hoping to find a new home where others want to enjoy the game and get loot but each alliance I joined boasts a set of simple rules that nobody appears to be enforcing.

If anyone knows of an alliance that doesn’t have to beg their members to hit titans and use their war flags, I’d love to settle in with them.

Please, Please, Please… if you have had war flags left unused in any of your last 10 wars, please don’t give me your name. If you have members who sign-on to hit the titan just once to appease the “hit each titan” rule but they really don’t want to put in any more effort… thanks but no thanks. I just want to have fun with others who want to have fun without dragging around a bunch of dead weight.


I would suggest checking out Going Commando . Their leader is AlmightyAl. I do not know what level their titans are but I know they meet your requirements regarding activity and enforcement. Tell him Wolf Warrior or Devour Dawa sent ya.

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You’re looking for a needle in a hay stack… there’s a reason why top alliances are a closed circuit. If you only admit in players that fit the profile you’re looking for, you’re a top alliance, therefore you have draconic rules. If you don’t enforce such rules, you’ll always atract dead weight, looking for an easy ride. So bassically you either submit to top alliance rules, or accept you’ll have aboard players who forget to hit the titan or use some war flags… good luck with your search…


life happens regardless of alliance level.

we kill 14* all the time but we still occasionally remind players to attack the titan or in war because not everyone is 100% available all the time. i don’t know about other alliances but i expect it isn’t unusual.

naturally war and titan hits are always used at this level.
players behind either get removed or leave if they can’t keep up.

i really hope you find what you are looking for. i would love to offer a spot but we are currently full.

Dragons of Terror - Time is an international alliance, speaking English with clear rules.
We are currently

  • killing 10 - 11 stars titans, would like to go back to 13 - 14 stars
  • looking for players with at least one 4400 TP team
  • we ask that you use all war flags and hit titans for at least 50K
  • Life happens, and being absent for a couple days/week is ok as long as you communicate and opt out of wars

We have many veterans with deep knowledge of the game and very generous with advice and help.

If you are interested
Contact Tangy451#1600 on Discord or join us in the game directly.

You’re looking for Ascendancy
Line Tsataya for deets

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Ascendancy caps their alliance to 20 members so they may not have room but they are a great group if you can get in. I think their war win ratio is around 88%.

I couldn’t agree more lan487, but I don’t understand why it should be the proverbial needle. Most of the alliance’s that I’ve been in have had the top 10 players “carrying the load” with the bottom 5 players as barely playing. I’ve even seen big hitters who can’t be bothered with mundane tasks like hitting the titan. My question: why can’t 30 of those top 10 players get together for some no nonsense fun?

When I say top 10 I’m not talking about the size of their roster or cup counts, I’m talking the workhorses who use 5 flags per titan without flasking just because they want to do their part. The ones with deep pockets who will only hit high value easy targets in war are not the top 10 I’m talking about.

I’m looking for that needle! :wink:


You should check out Ascendancy
Wolf is correct, most people wouldn’t believe our war record.
Everyone puts forth 100% in war and on titan
We cap membership because we kill 12* titans without mats (saving them for other stuff) and because we are far stronger than any other alliance with 19/20 members, hence our war record
Line Tsataya, tell her I sent you from Alliance Recruitment

Diamond infantry is the alliance which I will suggest, although I left it soon because of RL. Check them. They are awesome in all aspects: Diamond Infantry is looking for 2 new members (14* titans, no Line/Discord) - #22 by D_DI Good luck! :wink:

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Try Seven Days Uprising, we are a Top 300 alliance when full. A little bit less effort than top100 is needed but the rest is pretty organized and structured. And we have a lot of fun. If you want to go back to top 100 play, there is always the possibility to change to another 7D family alliance or to temporary help out there.
14* titans were killed daily and no war flag goes unused.
If you are interrested contact Kronos our leader via line for an interview. His line id is kronos_niks .

You need 20+ maxed 5* heroes and rainbow mana troops lvl. 17+
Happy gaming

Thanks Wolfwarrior, I did look them up.

Crew Knights
0 flags unused
Check us out

IMHO your search is not in vain, as I’ve been in the type of alliance you are looking for. Alas not surprisingly, they tend to be full and have very little turnover of players.

Good Luck in your journey…

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Come check “turpitude”, relaxed but competitive no bs alliance.

You are welcome to join Fury [TFG].

We’re on 12* titans thru the holidays. We use purple tanks and strategic wars. We tend to be chatty, and we use line (chattiness not required).

Best wishes in finding an alliance that fits you.

Blood Brigade is usually the best place to go if they have an opening …

'cause that takes time; you can’t just get a honest CV out and done; and if that happen and are 30 up like that, egoes come into play and ship breaks
also, the way of recruiting is often barred by the hard ways to recruit and what you say you don’t want - going all-in, but in a looser way; normally, at least 15 out of 30 want a hardcore experience

so until you find 29 of @altlyzr you’ll spend some time, maybe all the time

my advice: go visit, see if you like it and help build that alliance the way you want it, but have patience while trusting the alliance plan to do it :slight_smile:

take care,
Boolz_San from Crew :heart: KNIGHTS :kissing_heart:

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Hello, may I ask if who are you? :slight_smile: I am looking for an alliance just like yours. I am a lvl 29 player, my main team is 3475 atm, but I am lvling them up fast. (I have started to play for approx. 2,5 month.) I have other 1-2 teams also with similar team power, the others are good for cleaning up wounded teams during the wars. I hope that we are looking for each other.

East of the equator is a great clan. We have 5 alliances in our family. We have lost a few due to RL recently but we are on our way back up.
We also have an extensive library that we share rather you decide to join us or not.
Just hit the link below, it brings you to our welcome channel and we can have a chat.


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