Alone in the world

Does anyone here have an alliance they started and is going it alone for awhile? I have because I can’t seem to join one where people don’t get butt hurt over little things and place to many demands on members. I actually finished titan valor and got all rewards because I left and created my own alliance.


Are you asking just for discussion purposes? I’m just wondering if your thread should be switched to the general discussion category, or are you trying to recruit or look for a new alliance to join?

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Maybe switch to appropriate section I guess. I’M not looking for a alliance to join. That’s why I made my own. Not recruiting either right now. Sorry if I posted in wrong section

Keep looking for an alliance that suits your play style, they are out there.

In a one-man-alliance, you’ll get shorted on Titan loot, which is the best source of ascension materials.

What ‘rules’ or ‘demands’ have you experienced that bothered you?


Well one alliance I was in put a stop on wars instead of removing the members that would not use flags,so I could not finish the first valor quest. 2nd alliance had a good thing going then the leader of that one removed the players who were not using flags in war or titans and a whole bunch of members left because of it. So they gave up on their alliance and moved on so I started my own so I could finish my titan valor and get last rewards since I paid real money for both valor quest and lost out on first one

I’m sorry to hear it’s gone that way. I’ve seen it happen in the time I’ve played as well. You have to just keep moving on.

I’m part of a casual alliance with these ‘rules’ which are more like guidelines:

  • hit the titan
  • use your war flags if you opt in, and follow the simple strategy, coordinate your tank

The people who get kicked from the alliance are those who won’t communicate or follow basic instruction. The rest of us are OK with that. We make allowances and are flexible.

If you get bored or tired of fighting 2* titans, look up Burning Donut Stuffers, maybe we’ll be a good fit for you.


Ok thank you Raghadom .

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I wouldn’t worry too much. I have been in exactly the same boat. Sometimes finding that alliance that’s a perfect fit does mean that you set up your own alliance for a bit of respite before you decide to either recruit Or move into another alliance.
Keep at it and you will find your perfect spot.
I wish you lots of luck


There was a thread once that discussed the pros and cons of solo alliances versus joining an established one, but I’m not able to find it.

Here is one thread regarding solo alliances that you may find interesting.

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Check SCG me and my office staffs started and now there r some new players , very very tiny clan

@Elpis fights alone now, I believe.

@Jedon, our indefinitely departed friend, did also

And I think @Olmor did too, before finding a home with the Misfit Toys


I indeed am alone for several months now.

I had a really fun time in my competitive alliance time, and i didn’t left for some minor or major problem with any member.
In reverse, i always gives troubles to my teamates changing the alliance board with dirty jokes, moking opponents and flirting with the girls.

But i had a project in mind and there was one single thing i couldn’t accept: i was envious.
Envious of my teammates heroes and their luck (or spending habits).

So i started thinking to spend more, and once i realize that it gave me the final push to stay alone to NOT do that.

Sometimes i miss how i messed with them, but i feel like it was the right choice for me.


I might try recruiting some newbies see how it goes.

If you decide to start looking at alliances again, Crew-Raiders is looking for new members. Looking for those with:

4000 defense
18+ only
War oriented
Raid Aggressive

We are a knowledgeable, fun and helpful group. If interested, my Line ID is SBT.

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Sorry to hear, play what make u happy and fun.
Become alliance member is good if you can find fit alliance that share the same goals and vision with you.
Like what your ideal alliance, rilex, competitive, semi casual etc. After that u can write your wishlist and I believe a good alliance in here will inform their alliance and u can choose wich one that suit most with your style.
Repeat it if fail and I believe after u find perfect home, u not only rise the loot and progress faster, but also can find a good friend as bonus.
Good luck!!!

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Sometimes having a place where you can escape into your own thoughts is nice.

I hope you find what’s right for you and continue to enjoy what you can from the game. :slight_smile:


I am going to try to grow my own alliance first, See how that goes for awhile. Anyone is welcome, New or old members


@Sandyslt1 I did precisely the same thing. I was in need of a slow down away from the demands of bigger alliances, so I started my own. To my surprise, I have had a few higher level players join in and play in a more relaxed atmosphere. We are now 9-1 in war without any strategy, mainly because the people who have joined understand the dynamic of wars and how to maximize flag usage.

It has been a fun way to play the game without any Line or minimum titan damage requirements. Everyone is active and relaxed. We do still kick after 3 days of no activity, just to keep our ranks in line.

Encourage you to do what is best for you and your playing habits!

Happy Gaming!

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