Looking for a new active alliance

I am at level 50 and have not missed a war or titan flag since the day I joined ( less than an year). I love my current alliance but due to some people leave flags at wars and titans I have decided to move on. I like the type of alliance which hit 12-14* titans (currently we hit 8-9*) and use all their flags and communicate a lot.
I am a ftp player and sometimes ctp, very active and dedicated. Below is my hero roster.


You can try Mountaineer WV - strict policy of no war flags left (after a warning, there goes a kick out), but otherwise friendly international group of people. Hitting 10-11* titans atm. Not always chatty, but occasionally very much. Discord available, although optional.

Cheers, and may we meet soon again! :slight_smile:

Feel free to check out kiss-MY-axe if you want to

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I would encourage you to check out some of the alliance families around the forum that have tiered alliances and leadership that can get you in the right group and help you grow.

Crew family of alliances, Phoenix Empire family, northern alliances family, one stop Titan shop family, etc. I’m sure that I am missing some as well. All of these have a good mix of group activity and Titan star levels.


Check out Veterans of the North or Rogues of the North. We are having a big and active family and community

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The Gay Peaches currently have a few spots open and we would love to have you!

See Gay Peaches looking for a new Peach! - #2 by Jamias if you’d like to read over our “Peachy Rules”

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Why 12~14* ?

It may make more sense hitting titans in 9-11* range.

Join Misery Loves E&P, we are fun/chatty group that’s doing 11-13* titan and enforce using all war flags. FFA war with mostly green tank. Line ID: Sendo.X

Yo @masoodjann

We hitting 12* titans war optional if in war all flags must be used. Titan is a must. We have a line chat group that you can join.
We are English speaking but other players know different languages as well. @ me if your interested.

Join Canadian Intl Usa , we’re friendly and fun , we use all 6 war flags every war we have 2-3 spots open , 10-11* titans , rotating tanks, line id Supreme514, line isnt required in alliance.

Check us out. We are taking down 12 & 13 * titans right now

@fight_happy I am growing and I am hungry. I need big titans.

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Nice roster you have! We have spots open at Infinite Waters. And we’d love to have you join us.

We have a wide range of players who love to help each other out. And are very friendly.

We use line/discord. But it’s optional.

And we are fighting 11/12 star titans.

Drop me a reply if you would like to know more. Or come and check us out. :kissing_heart:

I hope you find a home soon.

Hi @masoodjann - I’m sorry that things have been frustrating with your current alliance.

I run Path of Daggers, which looks to me like a great fit for what you’re looking for and where you’re at in the game.

Our recruitment page is here:
Path of Daggers - Forum Recruitment Thread

Part of why I think we’d be a solid group for you is re recently re-commited to every member who’s opted in for war will use their flags or be demoted / booted (depending on their rank) and all members are expected to hit the titan and we’ve had good success (3 for 4 in last 4 wars, 4/6 in last six 10* Titans).

If you’re interested and use discord, look me up there, and we can talk more.

Regardless of whether you select Path of Daggers, I hope you find an alliance that meets your needs and you enjoy playing with.


  • Clever Cyan Gryphon

@masoodjann Hey! We’re looking for one active member to get us full at Invictus Resurrection.
Fighting 13-14* titans, we use all flags every time, are competitive in a relaxed environment and communicate via discord for events/social.
Search us and apply, drop in for a chat and see if you think you’ll fit!
Best of luck with the search :slight_smile:

Internationals would welcome you. Look us up.




From what I understand tho…
The ascension mat rolls don’t increase until level 14.

From what I understand … you should get better loot scoring higher on a 10* vs scoring lower on a 12*.

  • edit - as per @Tess_01 correction: the loot is basically the same not “better”.

And seeing your hero roster, you may wanna stick with ten stars for now until you level up more and increase your hero roster,

Have fun hunting 12s! (Totally get the want to hit bigger titans); But…
If you find yourself looking for a good alliance
To hunt Tens with… contact us later~

Alliance: Twilights Bastion


10* titans

War Optional (basic war strategy)

We are active but keep it chill (respect real life, but also maintain our house rules to respect all players.)

  1. strong, fair, active leadership
  2. clearly defined rules and policies and leadership prepared to do the hard work to enforce them
  3. friendly, chatty, mature, active members
  4. a few knowledgeable players willing to offer advice

Drop in and say hello in game, or if you use Line pop into our Chat Group here: http://line.me/ti/g/EZCfX3Q7_v

To be straight up -you will probably find ten to eleven stars a better sweet spot (you can score high enough to get better loot; vs barely staying alive hitting 12 stars or higher).

You may try our following alliances:

  1. The Upstart, our leader is Robin Borski
  2. The Uprising, our leader is littleluke.
    Feel free to contact us at line: hubter or littlelukey
    Good luck in your request finding an alliance. Stay safe.
    Both may fit your requirements.

Sorry this is off-topic, but C level on a 12* and A level on a 10* will get you the same tier 12 chance at loot.

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