Looking for an alliance that uses all war flags

Hello. I have 2 2400-ish accounts that I am looking for a home for. As mentioned in the title, I am really looking for an alliance that is somewhat strict concerning wars flag usage, as some alliances don’t see to care. If you have an alliance like I describe, hit me up and we’ll see if it’s good fit. Thanks in advance.

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A World of Pain uses all flags. We have 8 spots open. If you are interested, please let me know. We also have ice cream in our alliance.

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Use all war flags stringing 14 star titans
We are a family of 5 alliances so we have a level for everyone. Come check us out

Just hit that link and it will bring you to iur welcome channel where we can chat
We also have an extensive library with game tips and info. We share with over 500 members that you can keep and use rather you join us or not.
Yours free just for chatting with us.
So hit that link its free

I searched and found your alliance and am impressed. If I joined I would certainly be bringing up the rear, lol. I think all of ur defenses are >5000, while my 2 are roughly 4800 and 4400. So while my numbers are a bit low, I’ve been playing off and on since early 2018 and have a fair bit of game knowledge. My in game account names are fake president and zombie slayer. I’ll send a request.


In case you’re still looking, just wanted to add that East of the Equator has been amazing. Everyone is super friendly and supportive. And it’s met all my expectations. My mate and I also left our prior alliances due to unused flags and escaped titans. Not a single of either since I’ve joined.

You’ll love it!

If you download Discord you can use the link.
Discord is our main communication for game , hero , or lineup advice. Also war communication.
It also gives you access to our library and many many other very useful channels

I also will add that we are fine with you joining our East team if you like or you are welcome to join our west team hitting 11 ro 12 star titans. Or newbies hitting 9 to 10 star titabs. So we have options for you. Totally up to you and what your looking for

Check out TBD (my former alliance). They’re a fantastic group, super supportive and very knowledgeable. Great discord server with lots of info, too.

War flag usage a must, if opted in. Titan hits daily (I believe they’ve capped titans at 12, but kill all rares).

@Macaque1902 @Ripobin_The_First @Bruton


I found somewhere to land. Thank you all, I appreciate the reaching-out.


TNalli has a few openings because of teams not using flags. 2400s are right in the middle of our pack. We are a growing alliance with lots of very active members. Half of us pay and other half free. Alliance gifts you will get when available from our pay players to help you improve. Also, we are somewhat of an international alliance with members from UK, Swedan, CZech rep, canada, Portugal, S. Africa etc. Looking forward to seeing you.

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We would love to have you - Muggle Borns Ascended.

We have a strict policy on war flags of warning, then demotion, then kick.

We do not require titans right now, but have been working to get full participation on them.

We had a mass retirement over the last few months so we have some openings and are going to work our way back up to regular 11 * titans

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U can try us out, knock at Crew-Mates.
Line ID Nonot.29

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Hope you enjoy your new home but if not, @Control_Freq is right - we tick all your boxes. Good luck in the war!


If you are still searching check us out
Ty in advance
Crew Knights
Chaining 14*
0 flags policy
Line id valiantdrazen

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