Looking to up my game!

Hi everyone, I have been playing about a year but I’m just now getting in to the strategy and more subtle aspects of the game. I have one team of 5* around 4100 and one team of 4* almost maxed. I also have a number of toons at 3/70. I am looking for a new alliance that is willing to help/teach someone looking to go to the next level.


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Hi @Biggin747 we may be a fit for you at DeRaptors we are a mixed bunch of abilities with lots of us really interested in game strategy. Currently we are hitting 9-11 star titans, only main rule is if you miss war flags you sit next one out.

Any questions me or our leader @Chadmo can answer here or feel free to stop by and see if we are a fit.


I’m sure you’ll be inundated with offers… Just posting to wish you well on your E&P journey.

btw with @Kilted & @chadmo in your corner, you’ll go far :wink:


I’ll throw our newly merged alliance in the mix: Death Punch Brigade. It’s no stress/drama, etc. and we’re hitting 10 star titans. War is a free for all aside from common tank, and we’re spread across a number of player levels and around the world.

We’re also on Discord if you use it, although it’s not mandatory.

East of the equator is a family of 5 alliances 1 being Newbies on the equator. Perfect for players wanting to learn the game.
Also you would have the ability to move up to a higher team when ready or maybe just move up for a visit to see what higher titans are like.
We also offer an extensive library that tou can use and keep even if you decide not to join us .
Just hit the link below , it brings you to our wecome channel, and we can have a chat.


Thanks Kilt. Adding on, our alliance is a great place to learn. And as members get stronger, they stick around because the fun and desire to get better is strong.



Hi there. At A World of 《Pain》we have have a training Alliance called 《Pain》Management. We help coach and train players to eventually go up to the big leagues with the main alliance A World of 《Pain》

If you decide on another alliance, it’s fine with me. If you are interested, please contact our leader Sundance777 on Line. We do wish you the best of luck on whatever you choose.

Hello Biggin,

Come check out The Last Legion family of alliances. We have 9 alliances ranging from a R&R alliance to a top 10 alliance. In between are a couple of casual alliances, a couple of semi-competitive alliances and one that is near the top 100. Our Line chat is lively and we share everything from videos of 1mil+ mythictitan hits to holiday recipes :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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