Looking for a place to hang out and use your flags?

We’re a fun bunch with folks mostly in US and Europe. Currently on a Titan break until next POV, but taking down 10*s regularly. Use all 6 war flags if opted in, yadda yadda. Same ol’ stuff.

We’re not a part of any alliance family and don’t have elaborate rules. Use flags, have fun, don’t be a ****. There is an alliance Line group but not mandatory. We are all interested in having fun and participating, but not Top-100.

(I’m clearly not a marketing major, so don’t judge too harshly :grin:)

Currently have three openings. Stop by and take a look. Stay for the camaraderie. And the highly divisive Wu debates. (Which side will you land on?)

You can find me on Line, ID VeryQuietly.


My brother and I are looking for an Alliance. We are both active players who do the Titans daily using all attacks and the Clan Wars PVP twice a week where we use all banners. My user name is Ace and my PVP cups are currently at 2605. My brother’s user name is randomcrap102 are his PVP cups are at 2157. My team power is 4561 and his team power is 4300. Thanks

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:smiley: You’re welcome to come join! It’s set to invite, but I’ll let the crew know to expect you.

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