Looking for an active but casual Alliance to merge with

Hi and thanks for stopping by

We’re Mysterious Reborn, a mid sized alliance with 13 active members. Following a couple players moving on recently we’re looking to merge with another active alliance. We have a couple simple rules, hit the titan and make all hits if opted into war

We’re laid back, look to help each other keep in grip with the game and avoid drama

We’re hitting 6-7* titans but used to regularly hit 9-10* when fuller. We run a 1200 cup min but that’s open to change

We have discord but mostly use in-game chat

We’re open to merging with another alliance or have another merge with us

If you’re open to a merge, drop me a message here or to FMJoshi on Discord


merge with game over leader is sas

FMJoshi#XXXX? What is your full discord tag?

I didn’t realise there was more to it :confused:
It’s FMJoshi#8367

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Hi, do u have line? I am from crew-mates. Line id nonot.29
If you’re interested to talk.
Thank you.

Hi Yoshimitzu,

Please check out our alliance. Always Room for Jell-O

Thank you
Happy Gaming

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We just merged with 2 teams. We will keep you in mind.

ExpWomPirateQueen (1) (1) (1)_20221014140823432~2

Come and have a look at Active Army
Active but casual alliance with lots to offer
We have lost so many good and experienced players in the game over the last few months so looking to merge and reform


Yoshimitzu…the Alliance of Knights is running 18 members and needs to increase or we have some who are ready to merge with another alliance, check us out. I will take a look at your team…let me know. We are hitting 8* titans now, down from 10-11.


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“He is not the Messiah” is also another active casual alliance you may be interested in joining, screenshot to follow below… :slight_smile:

Thanks for replies all - I’m in UK so they were overnight for me. I’ll take a look today

Ideally we’d keep our 13 players together!

Hi Dragon Cohort TMA sounds like we’re the same style alliance we are 15 members atm so we have room, we comfortably doing 10/11* titans, all flags used in war however we coordinate tanks/flanks but no spreadsheets or micromanagement…
We don’t have dicord but line is available. We are a mix of UK & US but would love to chat…

P.S. cups and member level is not as important as participation. :grin:

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Just hit that link and it will bring you to our welcome channel.
We are a family of 5 alliances. Our west of the equator team has 16 at the moment . Room for all of you.
We also have an extensive library that we share with over 500 members. Tou can keep and use this even if you decide not to join with us.
Currently fighting 11 to 12 star titans and use all war flags

I cannot make Line work on my iPhone. V.frustrating. I’ve visited everyone apart from crew mates. @Skellet53 any chance you can msg me on Line to see if that works?

U got it right, the only thing missing is that u didn’t write any message, so we didn’t see anything sooner than we should.
Thanks anyway. Goodluck, guys

Hey yosh, can u contact me on Line again? I might know some friends that could fill up your spots. They are good people, just not the right fit for us.

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