Dark Horse Division looking to merge with another alliance

We have 15 active adult members and are looking to join forces with another alliance. We are taking down 5* and occasional 6* titan and are looking to join forces with another similarly sized alliance to move on to 7*+ fun. Let me know if interested

Die a Hero currently has 5 open spaces but have several members who are very inconsistent. I don’t know that we could handle all 15 but certainly could take most of you. I’ll talk with the other leaders to see what they think. We currently take down all the 6* titans but just can’t quite get the 7*s, though we manage to eek a kill out once in a while. An influx of active players would really be a boost!

I have a small newer alliance and would consider a merge. We are a 15 member of new and old players. If you have Line please feel free to add me my id is rage6800. I would be very interested in discussing this.

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LEGION ICE looking for motivated, fun, and active players to join us. We are an open alliance of adult sociable group that loves work hard to improve our titan results every day. We are working on 5 and 6 * titans now and looking to porgress. This is an open alliance, just join and check us out.

Rage, I will download Line tonight and try and get in touch with you some time tomorrow.

Our Alliance sounds very similar and we are in the same boat with needing a few more to round out our group. I have see many Alliances in similar struggles because there are frankly too many alliances out there. We have been discussing trying to find another similar alliance to join forces with. We have a Discord channel and would be happy to invite some of your members to chat about it sometime. Our Alliance name is Rebel Forces.


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