Looking for a screenshot it tiburtus costume talent grid

Hey all I’m gonna max tiburtus costume I haven’t given him talents yet as I’d like to see his costumes grid if anyone has screenshots of it I’d really appreciate it thx!

It’s the same as any other Paladin:


Awesome thx man really appreciated!


So then any class like Boldtusk going to Monk would have the same grid as say Li Xiu as she’s monk

Correct, the Costumes have Talent Grids matching their Costume Class.

Just keep in mind that the Talent Grid is set on the base Hero only, using Emblems of the Hero’s Class.

You can’t, for instance, use Paladin Emblems for Costumed Tiburtus. You need to use Ranger Emblems on the regular Hero, and the Talent Grid on the Costume will match, once unlocked.


Yeah that I knew already from Sony and Boldtusk just didn’t know if a costume had a specific grid but it’s good to know say if it’s going paladin it’ll show a grid the same as say Sonya

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Yes, the costume has it’s own grid, but it changes with the use of emblems towards the original hero out of costume.

The paths in and out of costume will always be identical. The main difference are the powers at the intersections.

Yeah but say if it changes to paladin it follows the same path as any other paladin grid from what I understand I’ll check Sonya and Melendor as they’re both druid (Sonya costume druid for example or Boldtusk costume grid and Li Xiu)

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Yeah same as any other druid

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Well, yes, the class grids are the same on different heroes of the same class. What I’m saying is that your choices down the Talent Grid path are transposed on the same hero in and out of costume. That’s what I’m illustrating.

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Thx… yeah just wasn’t sure if costumes had altogether different paths then say another paladin out of costume…but all cleared up now :smiley:

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