Looking for a new home


I finally decided to quit my very quiet team.
I’m looking for a new alliance.
I’ve got a team of 3300+ power. I keep my cups under 1500, usually. I hit Titans regularly, usually doing around 100-130k per Titan (5*-6*)
I’m not looking to join a top 10 alliance. I play to relax and have fun, top 10 stress probably doesn’t fit in with that. I want to be taking out 6*s regularly. I want a talkative group but don’t want to be tossed into some weird drama.
If you’ve got that alliance let me know.


Hi @ruse, we are a bunch of mature veteran players who started this new alliance - TED Xtreme.

Here is our alliance recruitment post - TED Xtreme - Brand new Alliance

Feel free to drop in by our discord server - https://discord.gg/cUgw4aC or check us out in game.


Come on over to Azzcrack…We have fun over there.


T-Virus has one spot available. We’re hitting 8&9* titans, very talkative close knit group. Message me if you’re interested!


Space Monkeys might be the alliance for you

6* titans all day some 7*

2 spots open

req cups is +1200


is the pepe thing supposed to be ironic… or…?


Hi Ruse. Have you found a new alliance yet? I have one spot open at Peace Warriors. We battle 7-9 star titans. I believe we fit your requirements. Come and take a look if you haven’t found a new home yet


How would it be ironic? or? :slight_smile:


well, considering what pepe is, either its ironic or its intended honestly. just wasn’t sure.


@ruse We have room for Titan punchers on team “new battle” if you’ve not yet found a home. 5/6* Titans currently



Message me on line if you haven’t found an alliance yet and I’ll introduce you to our team there.

Line ID pitguy.


hi there Ruse … if you didn’t find new home yet … we are a newly form alliance of misfits fed up with poor management and in times to come for sure we can use your sword … to be honest … we are a not bull …active drama free chat alliance … just check our recruitment thread " misfit valhalla "
good luck to you and good hunt


Hi @ruse, we have one spot available, I will post my recruitment message below, sums it up good.

We have one spot available. We are a drama-free group of helpful players and have a lot of fun playing the game, talking strategy and chatting about all kinds of stuff. We are fighting mostly 8* titans, so looking for a strong new member. Sounds good? Then knock at the door with a message at Down the rabbit hole… :slight_smile:

Edit: we are full again, but if you are still looking and not in a hurry, I can reserve the next spot


If you havnt fund an alliance, then come and check: “mixed nuts -candied” out. You can also ad my line: tkristensen


I’m not the cartoon frog, if that answers your question.

Nor what it stands for… to some people…


Hi Ruse our alliance name is Chaos Brigade… We recently splintered off another alliance who’s leader was AWL for 60 days. We are a friendly group of 11 at this point. We are starting over on titans but working our way up again. We like participation on the Titan especially when we build up again. Check us out and thanks.


hey @ -chirodan … I have a proposal for you. we seems to be in the same position … look me up on " line " raduk_o is my ID … it can be a solution for all of us … our alliance is " misfit valhalla " … check it out …


@ruse, please post when you’ve accepted an alliance!


d’oh. sorry.

i am currently housed in an alliance. thank you all.


Player found an alliance