Looking for a merge

We are a group of 3 Alliances. Member’s of our intermediate Alliance left to join our Premier Alliance. Looking to merge . Open to discuss terms. Respond here or hit me up via jules0@ LINE. Thanks!

Castelo de guerra é uma aliança Nova que está precisando de membros.

@Jules, you might want to include your alliance name and how many members you have too?

Good Luck :smile:

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Currently we have 10 players on our Roster. Please message me for more info jules0 @ LINE. Thank you.

The Crew has a lot of alliances and many are looking for people of varying skills and commitment

@Math4lyfe @Rigs


Burn’m all has 6 spots open, fighting 10* titans, trophy requirement of 2000

Jules0@LINE. I tried but maybe I’m not techie enough. Red Hot & Blue has 15 members and is less than month old. We are killing 7’s but need some help with 8’. In our less than one month existence we are 6W 2L. One loss was with the computer server freeze on 12 AUG. The other loss we had 4600pt. So we are riding a 4 war in streak as we are learning to work together.

We are not kids in fact one member is 70.We cover three continents with members in UK, Australia and the USA. We want at least a def team of 3000 ( all but 2 which are leftover from the allainace breakup) are over 3600 with the top of 4393. Caps are not as big of a thing as in some groups but we would like 1000+

We use a combined tactics for war.

You can contact Azurev33 on LINE and her know HOT sent you aka"the general"

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