Looking for a challenge - 10/11* titans

Tired of all the BS. Just want to fight titans and play the game. Come on over to Wild Power.

We are looking for one more player!
Constantly fighting 10* Titans.

We are an international team that is very active and are constantly on the verge of the Top 100.

All we ask is you to be active daily in both Titans and AW.

2000 cup minimum.

I joined Wild Power a month ago and this is a fantastic group. We are from all over the world so hitting Titans and AWs 24/7. We need 1 strong player to fill our roster and make a push to be in the top 100 again.

Just one more player needed. I know you want to!

Two spots just opened up. We are no longer an invite only alliance. Join us if you are 2000 cups and 3400 power.