Looking for 2200+ trophies, have 11* titans

We are a supportive, laid back, and chatty alliance. Plenty of silly banter to be had over here! As long as you put forth an effort on titans and use all war flags (when opted in), you will fit right in.
We are currently ranked 819 globally.
*Line required

message me on line allnamesalreadytaken
or look us up and send invite “M.O. Modus Operandi”

Anyone? Please don’t make me go back to alliance recruitment message board!:rofl:

Don’t do it mate, at least not sober

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Haha, yeah! Since it’s Monday I thought I’d settle for eye drops, since you can’t blink in there or you’ll miss your chance :joy:

We can take 3 1/2 of you lot here at Guardians Reborn. No more, no less. Message @Emilly91 to apply

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Dang, I’d hate to be the unlucky last one who has to be cut in half :slight_smile:

I might be interested after this war

That would be awesome! We have one spot left. If you have any questions you can message me at line id: allnamesalreadytaken
Or you can message my leader, line id: Ace-is-cool (it will show up as Ace Applesauce)

Ill also try to remember to check back here in case you don’t have line…

Bump. Raised required trophies to 2200 and now requiring line.

I suggest you edit your first post with the screenshot with the new requirements, so recruits might find it easier when they’re checking several Alliances threads.

Updated screenshot, thanks :slight_smile:

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Bump. Looking for 2 more

Have a nice war modus operandi @mediocracy

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