Join ‘Guardians Ascending’ of the Guardians Family of alliances. 4 spots open! 4500+ TP. 13* Titans

Guardians Ascending is the 5th level of the Guardians Family of alliances. We strive to play at a high level while having fun and growing an advanced roster.

•4500+ TP
•2000 cups
•War is generally expected, FFA, All flags used, occasional opt out is ok (we understand real life gets in the way from time to time lol)
•Hit the titan daily. Hit early hit often. 100k average damage over 10 titans.

We are an active group with a friendly atmosphere looking for dedicated players. Stop in and say hello. Request to join and mention this ad if the doors are closed, come on in if they are open! See you soon! :grin:

GUARDIANS FAMILY OF ALLIANCE’S: (Listed from Training to Advanced):
Guardians Rising Academy - 5 spots open
Guardians University - 4 spots open
Guardians of the North! - 1 spot open
Guardians Ascending - 2 spots open
Guardians Reborn - 3 spots open


Looking for 1 more player to get us back to chaining 14*s! Come give us a whirl!

Still looking for 1 more. Give us a try, you won’t regret it!

Hey. Can you let ManBear from Guardians Reborn know that I can’t get on my phone right now? If he has discord or something so I can explain the situation to him, that’d be great. 1hr left for war and I was about to attack and my screen went black. I know this is recruitment but I have no other way to get ahold of them.

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Before I leave for work, have him or duhwhat1 add on me on discord. Death#5938 As I said though, I can’t use my phone so I won’t be able to add them back until I get home. I made a post tagging duhwhat so hopefully he reads it in time before it gets deleted.

Edit: Also, tell @duhwhat1 to read the other post I tagged him in lol cause he’s probably not on the forums often. If you can get in contact with Reborn.

Ya no problem, will do :saluting_face:

Looking for some active players to join us! Chaining 13s and looking to get back to 14s. Come give us a try and be the difference!

Hi, I’ve sent a request to join guardians ascending. 2500-2600 trophies. TP 5k for my best team. Looking for an active, well run alliance. Would like to give it a go and see what it’s like.

Hi - sorry, appears one of our members accidentally rejected your request. Send again and we’ll get you in!

Looking for some active players to join us! Chaining 13s and looking to get back to 14s. Come give us a try!

Hows it going. Been looking to join a new alliance. K love mine but im out growing it very quickly. Currently at 2600 trophies and 4400 to 4900 TP

Request to join and give us a try or reach out to me on LINE: TheShrimps and I can fill you in on the details/answer any questions

I just recently got line. Yours didnt come up. Mines condemnedsaiyan31 if you can connect

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Ya adding ppl on LINE always frustrates me, wasn’t able to find you either for whatever reason.

You should be able to find me by ID number tho. Mines:


Hey man just finishing up this war and then I was going to head over to you guys. This is the First Alliance and only Alliance that I’ve been with since I started so I didn’t want to just dip out in the middle of a war

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Still looking for a few active players to join us! Chaining 13s and looking to get back to 14s. Come give us a try!

We are the war mongering and titan killing members of the Guardians Family. Currently at 26 members. We need active members to join to get our ranks filled.

We are still needing 4 more folks to join us, still taking down 13’s and the occasional 14 (we’ll string 14’s at 30 members). We won our war today 7015-6307, got a good bunch we just need a few more to stick around with us.

Guardians Ascending is a proud member of the Guardians family of alliances. We are needing 4 to fill our roster so we can get back to our 14* titan mongering ways. Currently we are slaying a 14* rare Queen Harpy.

The rare queen harpy went down and now we are taking down a 14* Icehammer giant. Come get this loot, you don’t want to miss out!