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Does a hero with counter-attack active still receive damage? I know they will reflect it but do they also receive it? And if I send up purple tiles in my purple hero is dead do they receive the damage but reflect it to no one

Yes and you can kill a hero with a counterattack buff

Please be reminded that counterattack and reflect are two different things. Those under counterattack also gets the damage being dealt, but dishes out back more OR less of the damage received, depending on the hero casting the counterattack. Examples of those heroes are Elena and her costume, Sif, Boril and his costume, Cyprian and his costume, etc.

On the other hand, reflect is a buff that doesn’t allow damage, but instead reflects it back to the enemy casting hero on whose element is reflected. Examples of these heroes are Mitsuko (reflects most special skills dealt by most blue heroes) and Ursena (same with Mitsuko, but the concerned element is yellow).


Yes heroes with counterattack active will still receive both damage from tiles and specials. If your only purple hero is dead then correct nobody will receive damage, but if you have other purple heroes on your team then they will still receive damage.

Thank you everybody for clarifying that