Understanding Mitsuko special skill

I had a question regarding Mitsuko’s special skill. The card states that, after activation, she blocks special attacks and status effects from blue heroes.

Recently, I attacked her with Frida, after her special had gone off (kind of suicidal, but she was supposed to take one for the team!)

Part of Frida’s special is that she removes buffs from the hero & nearby. I’m this case the blue reflect remained after Frida attacked.

Is this how it is supposed to work? Normally if attacking a riposte hero, the damage would be reflected, but the riposte would be removed.

The de-buff is not a status effect, so I would have expected the damage to be reflected (including the elemental defence status effect), but the riposte would be removed.


The simple way to think about is Mitsuko’s skill reflects anything negative towards the defense. Dispel is a negative effect, so that gets reflected. Only rangers can bypass the reflect with their talent, or Cobalt on 300% charge with the guaranteed bypass (or 200% charge with a lv 30 ninja troop).



There is a significant difference between counterattackers (Elena & costume, Sif, Sumitumo, Boril & costume, and Cyprian & costume) and elemental reflect heroes (Mitsuko and Ursena). While the former receives damage from regular and special attacks from any element but dishes more/less (depending which hero is doing the riposte) damage back to the attacker, the latter only receives regular damage from the heroes they are supposed to be reflecting but none of the specials from those said heroes as the effects of those skills are reflected back, except on the chance it is bypassed due to the Cobalt’s skills or ranger talent or ninja troops.


Thanks - explains it well.

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For the record this was changed as frida and Sonya used to debuff mits though they would take the damage .
I was glad when this changed as a mits owner and now he only threat is a bypass or the blue ninja who is a pain. And as my only s2 5 I couldn’t be happier and I’m surprised there aren’t other reflects except ursena.

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